OUG Ireland 2017: E-Business Suite customers looking to Oracle Cloud

Support Revolution at OUG Ireland 2017

Ireland’s Oracle community came together last week to discuss issues facing the industry, grow their connections and gain insight to assist them in forming a successful partner strategy for 2017. The two-day event also provided the opportunity to give thoughtful feedback and hear about emerging trends.

As the business landscape changes and more organisations are adopting newer technologies, a key trend we noticed from the two-day event is that more and more E-Business Suite customers are considering moving their current systems to Oracle Cloud.

However, such a significant move could present these organisations with a period of disruption. Many attendees expressed that if they were to move to Oracle Cloud they would be concerned about the level of disruption to their organisation, the necessary changes to business processes and, importantly, how they would support their current systems in the interim.

It’s understandable that these organisations would not want to continue paying software support for a system that will soon be completely replaced. Organisations are increasingly eager to find faster and more cost-efficient ways to maintain their ERP systems and switching to a third-party support (3PS) provider in the interim may be the solution.

Not only could organisations see their support bills cut in half, but third-party support also offers more flexibility whilst they go through stages of significant change. This flexibility allows organisations to avoid the risk of wasting money on software support that will no longer be needed once the transition has been complete.

With organisations under more pressure to remain agile and looking to migrate to new technologies to enable this, it is essential that disruption to the business is kept to a minimum to enable a smooth and efficient process.

It’s an exciting time for the Oracle community and the OUG events provide a great opportunity to hear first-hand what challenges and trends are being faced. We’re looking forward to attending the OUG Scotland event on June 21st where Support Revolution’s Head of Delivery, Kiran Gorajala, will be speaking to the community.

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