Quality of service . . . and great coffee!

Great coffee at Support Revolution

I bought a new car over 15 years ago, it was a trusty machine that served me and my family well. The car naturally needed regular servicing and maintenance to keep it working reliably, and thinking it was the right thing to do, I booked the car’s first service with the manufacturer dealership. Yes, it was costly and I could have got it cheaper down the road, but I thought… no, no, these guys sold me the car and would be the best people to service it.

So, when it came to additional servicing I would call the dealership to arrange a suitable time – I had a service advisor assigned to me called Mike. Mike was great and knew everything about my car, but each time the car needed work I took a gulp when I paid the bill. I knew it would be cheaper to go down the road, but I thought… no, no, Mike is great and knows me and my car well, it always receives a good clean and the coffee there is great. So, I stuck with Mike for a few years.

However, the dealership got larger and I couldn’t book directly with Mike, I had to speak to their call centre, who knew very little about me or my car. Each time I needed to answer 20 questions just to book my car in for its annual service.

When I arrived at the garage they didn’t have all the information that I’d relayed in my 20 answers and miraculously I needed unexpected replacement parts, that surprised and annoyed me. I started to receive larger bills each time, plus there was no coffee!

I had a reality check – why am I paying over the odds for routine maintenance to receive a poor quality service. Guess what I did the next day? I signed up with the garage down the road who halved my bills and provided a more bespoke experience – a quality service that far exceeded my expectations considering the price.

So why am I telling you this story? Support Revolution beats those main dealership, vendor prices, but it’s not just about the price, it’s the quality of service. Support Revolution commits to an SLA and we pride ourselves in exceeding our customers’ expectations. You get to know our support staff who fully understand your business and issues, you are never directed to a call centre, and if you visit our offices we’ll serve you great coffee. We work hard to understand your business and future strategy, so we can work together in partnership. If you are receiving this quality of service and at a fraction of vendor prices, then why wouldn’t you want to join the Support Revolution?

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