Why you should leave Oracle Support for a third-party alternative

Leaving Oracle Support

Organisations have invested a great deal of time and budget for years implementing and stabilising their Oracle systems.

Although Oracle software is relatively mature and reliable now, the vendor is still charging high fees to support and maintain it – paying up to 22% of your license fees every year for support and maintenance represents a substantial percentage of Oracle cost of ownership.

With low levels of support incidents being raised on such robust systems and inconsistent service levels being reported in the press, even more organisations are unhappy with the poor return on their support investment and are looking for alternative options to maintain their Oracle solutions.

This is where third-party support can help.

Moving away from Oracle support understandably has its consequences and it’s important to understand what these are.

If you are considering moving away from Oracle vendor support, this paper will discuss what it really means for your system performance, your users, your software licenses and business.

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