SAP: “The End of Innovation”?

With many IT budgets being squeezed, it is worth examining the validity of one of the most common reasons SAP customers give for remaining with SAP support; access to software upgrades that provide new functionality.

When SAP released version ECC 6 of their ERP software in 2006, they introduced the concept of Enhancement Packages (EHP), which could be installed to activate software innovations providing new functionality. SAP described enhancement packages as “Delivering continuous innovation around a stable core”, and for the first few years of ECC 6, the enhancement package delivery was reasonably continuous.

The latest enhancement package EHP8 was released over two and a half years ago and it is now looking like it will be the last one released for ECC6, with no mention of an ‘EHP9’ from SAP.

This lack of any future innovation for ECC6 is hardly surprising given SAP’s current focus on the cloud; searching Google for “SAP Innovation” brings you lots of information on HANA and virtually nothing for ECC6.

So if “access to software upgrades that provide new functionality” is your main reason for remaining with SAP, then its worth asking yourself if SAP are really are still “delivering continuous innovation”.

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