Amazon plans a speedy getaway from Oracle?

Amazon moves off Oracle
Amazon is a long-time user of Oracle and its technologies, but for how long?

Since Amazon launched AWS and its own provision of data centre technologies, it’s been turning lots of its longtime suppliers (like Oracle) into heated rivals. And as Amazon’s own technologies began to match the usual lineup, rumours started circulating about which suppliers Amazon will begin to ditch in favour of its own technologies.

Now we’re seeing multiple reports from Amazon insiders citing that the company is looking to leave Oracle’s database software entirely by early 2020 in favour of its own services. The insiders claim that Amazon hasn’t actively developed anything on Oracle’s systems for a long time and that Amazon’s existing systems are now largely transitioned away from Oracle, with only a few remaining systems (like the retail arm of the business) left to move. They expect the full move to be completed within as little as 14-20 months.

What does Oracle say about this?
  • In a 2016 meeting with analysts, Oracle CTO Larry Ellison cast doubts on Amazon’s ability to support customers with its cloud services: “Our database customers really can’t run their machine-critical workloads at Amazon,” Ellison said. “They can’t do it.”
  • Ellison also told analysts last December that Amazon was still paying millions to Oracle, stating that: “competitors, who have no reason to like us very much, continue to invest in and run their entire business on Oracle.”
  • In a statement issued last month, an Oracle spokesperson stated that: “Around a year ago, Amazon spent another $60m to acquire still more Oracle database and data analytics software,” and that,”We don’t believe that Amazon Web Services has any database technology that comes close to the capabilities of the Oracle database. That’s why our biggest competitors like, SAP, and Amazon continue to rely on the Oracle database to run their business.”

Oracle has been quashing rumours like these (and not just for Amazon) for some time, and in many cases the rumours seem to be just that – as Oracle maintains its larger customers. However this particular rumour seems to have legs, with a rough timeline for transition, and several insiders confirming things that the markets have been guessing about the online giant for some time.

It’s clear that Amazon is making this move to consolidate its own technology position and to save money. If you are looking for ways to cut your Oracle bill, Support Revolution can save you up to 90% on your Oracle support and maintenance costs. Try our free Oracle Savings Calculator today to see how much you could save.


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