e3zine – The End Of ERP History?

Is this the end of ERP history? Innovation of on-premise ERP software has slowed, but why? Vendors such as Oracle and SAP just don’t want to sell it anymore as it’s no longer their flagship product. So are we witnessing the end of innovation in ERP? Our CEO, Mark Smith argues that vendors need to re-evaluate what their customers want and if SaaS will be enough in his latest article for e3zine.com.

It’s unfair to say that there has been zero innovation in ERP in recent years, but it would be fair to say that change has slowed since the 2000s. The 1990s saw the term ERP coined by Gartner to describe “back office” software that included HR, accounting and project management. A decade later, a host of innovations such as real-time access, integration with supply chain management, CRM and business intelligence, and mobile UIs excited Gartner enough that they declared these to be “ERP 2”. These advances were enough to merit a whole new name.

Since then, there has been no declaration by Gartner of “ERP 3”. New innovations have been mostly iterations of previous versions—better integration, faster access, tweaked and modernized user interfaces.

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