How to take a payment holiday from SAP

Save on SAP Support

Many SAP customers unthinkingly line up to renew their support contracts each year, but what if you could save 50% each year with an SAP holiday? If you are an SAP customer, it’s likely that you may be paying up to 22% of your license fees to support and maintain your databases and software.

But is this really necessary?

  • What value are you currently getting from your SAP support and maintenance?
  • When did the last SAP software upgrade provide you with new value-adding functionality?
  • When was the last security patch delivered in a reasonable time-frame after a vulnerability was exposed?
  • When was your last support ticket ever better than ‘meets expectations’?

You deserve better.

Read this whitepaper if you’re paying too much for your SAP Support

This white paper will explain how and why you should take a payment holiday from SAP support – effectively ‘pausing’ your current support contract while you receive superior (and up to 90% cheaper) support from a third-party provider.

We will guide you through the commonly asked questions and answers of other organisations who have gone through the same process with us, and show you how to take back control of your SAP support – freeing your budget to invest in your future, not SAPs.

Learn how to take a holiday from SAP Support and save 50-90% on your support costs – fill in the form below to get your free copy of our white paper: