Your guide to Oracle and SAP Support’s dirty tricks

The relationship Oracle and SAP have with their customers could never be described as equitable. Both companies have a reputation for using their size and market dominance to dictate the terms of product licensing and support contracts.

As a result, SAP and Oracle customers have come to accept a variety of bullying tactics as “par for the course” when working with a big ERP provider. But things are getting worse. Customers are finding that Oracle and SAP are using more dirty tricks than ever before.

Thats why we’ve written this paper, exposing the most common tricks we’ve come across in the industry and what you can do about them!

Does this sound like you?

We’ve heard all sorts of horror stories from Oracle and SAP customers.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re paying huge annual fees… and they’re getting higher every year
  • You routinely wait days or even weeks for resolution on basic system functionality issues
  • You’ve been forced into expensive upgrades (probably more than once) just to stay in support
  • Oracle or SAP have used threats and coercive sales tactics to “keep you in line”
  • You’ve tried to downsize your licensing agreement… and found that you can’t

If they do, then this guide is for you. We’ll cover some of their most common dirty tricks, and explain how best to deal with them.

We hope this guide will help you regain some power in your relationship with Oracle or SAP, and get the most out of your ERP suite. Just fill in the form on this page to get your free copy.

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