Payroll Legislative Patching – What are your options?

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If legislative payroll patching is causing you a headache, did you know there is an alternative to vendor supplied patches? Don’t just stick with your vendor for legislative patches when you can get a tailor-made service, cheaper, elsewhere.

What is payroll patching?

Organisations running their own Payroll system need to apply regular updates to them to keep up-to-date with changes in legislation. The process is largely the same whether the system is Oracle or SAP, and across countries and time zones.

Governments and Tax Authorities around the globe change laws on a regular basis, and software manufacturers then provide updates or patches for customers to apply to their systems to update them to meet these new requirements.

But the problem with Oracle and SAP’s approach is how much they charge!

Both Oracle and SAP charge large amounts for this service, and approach it at scale – meaning they take every legislative change and apply them blindly to every customer, whether they are relevant or not.

How is Support Revolution different?

The local Tax Authorities provide the software manufacturers with the information that they need to make these changes.

What Support Revolution does is to follow exactly the same process as Oracle, SAP and all of the other payroll system manufacturers out there, i.e. we are registered with the various Tax Authorities and receive regular updates on legislative changes. Our team then develop updates and patches that we supply to our customers. Simple.

We do this at a fraction of the cost of the vendors, and work directly with you to make sure you get the relevant updates.

Read our white paper to learn more about the process, what we do, and why you should work with us going forwards on your payroll patching.

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