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Our mission

Support Revolution provides Oracle and SAP customers with best-in-class software support and maintenance, regardless of the software versions they run, ensuring every customer saves a minimum of 50% on support costs.

Support Revolution believes that organisations like yours are being held hostage by Oracle and SAP; paying too much for software support and maintenance and being forced into unwanted upgrades.

Our mission is to cut your Oracle and SAP maintenance costs in half, while providing you with a better quality of service and freeing you from the mandatory upgrade cycle. We help you to redeploy funds from maintenance to innovation – investing in your own future.

Why join the revolution?

Save over 50%

Our customers saved an average of 64% on their Oracle and SAP support last year. What could you save?

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Our SLA is the only support SLA to guarantee both a response and resolution time for all incidents.

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Are Oracle and SAP letting you down on your support partnership SLA? Find out how we are different in our guide.

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No desupport dates

Support Revolution offers support for all versions of Oracle and SAP software including any customisations.

Extend your deadline

Are you a SAP customer not making the transition to SAP S/4HANA? Download our guide on extending the deadline.

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Global support

Support Revolution offers 24/7 support for all customers, with offices in the UK, Dubai, India, and Russia.

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Support experience

Support Revolution has been providing support for Oracle and SAP customers for over 22 years.


Get the answers to all of your questions about third-party support in our FAQs guide.

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Support relationship

Every customer receives a dedicated account manager to be the first point of contact for all your support needs.

Our customers

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Our history


1998 - Founded PDG Consulting

PDG Consulting was founded in 1998, building the foundations and experience for Support Revolution today. PDG Consulting was an Oracle and SAP partner for over 15 years.

2012 - Launched Support Revolution

Support Revolution was founded in 2012 as a third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP products, enabling customers to save a minimum of 50% on their support and maintenance costs.


2013 - Listed on G-Cloud

Support Revolution services became available via G-Cloud, enabling central government customers to procure our services without going through an extended tender process. 

2013 - Support Revolution's Cloud offering

Support Revolution released a Cloud offering in 2013 for third-party support customers, enabling customers to save on hosting costs as well as their support and maintenance costs.

2016 - Opened first international office

Support Revolution opened its first international office in Bangalore, India at the start of 2016. This enabled the addition of an industry-leading SLA with 24/7 support and unrivalled resolution times to our services. 

2016 - Gartner Award

In 2016, global research and advisory firm Gartner recognised Support Revolution as one of the top three third-party support and maintenance providers worldwide. 


2017 - Tech Leaders Award

Support Revolution's founder and CEO Mark Smith was shortlisted as the 'Disruptive Leader of the Year' at the Tech Leaders Awards in 2017.

2018 - Gartner Dubai

Support Revolution attended the Gartner Symposium in Dubai for the first time, offering a great opportunity to meet organisations currently locked into restrictive Oracle/SAP contracts. 


2019 - UAE expansion

Following rapid growth, Support Revolution opened its first office in the Middle East in Dubai in 2019, allowing for face-to-face meetings with our growing customer base across the region. 

2019 - Russia expansion

Support Revolution opened its first office in Moscow, Russia in late 2019, acting as another contact point for face-to-face meetings with customers across the region. 


"When we first heard about the Support Revolution offering, we thought it seemed too good to be true. Now we are using the service, we know it's true."