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Thinking about breaking up with your ‘legacy’ systems?

Written by: Dan Griffin

7th February 2019

Like many others, you may be looking at your current ERP system and wondering ‘is it enough?’. The sales and marketing teams of every vendor and consultancy have been working overtime for the past few years trying to convince you to move to cloud ERP. They want you to ditch old-reliable and take a chance… Read more »

Your New Year’s resolutions could hurt your IT strategy

Written by: Dan Griffin

11th January 2019

It seems that everyone has a blog or take on New Year’s resolutions at this time of year. And you can bet that IT vendors, analysts and bloggers will all be talking about the latest innovations and technologies that you should be investing in. Some of our favourites are listed at the bottom of this… Read more »

It’s taken Oracle six years to move to their own cloud

Written by: Dan Griffin

19th December 2018

And they’re still not done yet… Oracle has recently been making noises about its successful transition to its own cloud services. There have been a lot of high-fives and back-slapping over the fact they have taken SIX YEARS to transition most of their business to their own cloud. The worst part though is that they… Read more »

e3zine – The End Of ERP History?

Written by: Dan Griffin

23rd November 2018

Is this the end of ERP history? Innovation of on-premise ERP software has slowed, but why? Vendors such as Oracle and SAP just don’t want to sell it anymore as it’s no longer their flagship product. So are we witnessing the end of innovation in ERP? Our CEO, Mark Smith argues that vendors need to… Read more »

Confused by SAP indirect licences? You’re not alone

Written by: Dan Griffin

19th November 2018

Diageo fined £millions by SAP, but are you still at risk? Indirect access – when referring to SAP – is when you use third-party or custom applications to access data held in SAP systems. SAP’s indirect licences and access became (in)famous last year when SAP won a legal battle against long-time customer Diageo. It turned… Read more »

18 months since WannaCry – what’s your patching strategy?

Written by: Dan Griffin

8th November 2018

Was WannaCry a one-off incident? Last year’s WannaCry ransomware attack affected many organisations from both the public and private sectors across the globe. It targeted an exploit in IT systems (EternalBlue) by encrypting data and then demanded ransom payments. WannaCry is thought to have hit over 300,000 computers in organisations as powerful and diverse as… Read more »

Amazon plans a speedy getaway from Oracle?

Written by: Dan Griffin

9th October 2018

Amazon is a long-time user of Oracle and its technologies, but for how long? Since Amazon launched AWS and its own provision of data centre technologies, it’s been turning lots of its longtime suppliers (like Oracle) into heated rivals. And as Amazon’s own technologies began to match the usual lineup, rumours started circulating about which… Read more »

Our visit to the Gartner London 2018 IT Summit

Written by: Dan Griffin

3rd October 2018

We’re back from the Gartner London 2018 IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor & Asset Management Summit. We’d like to thank everyone who came to talk to us at this highly energetic event, and for all the questions and interest you had in 3rd party support for Oracle and SAP. So what were the highlights of the… Read more »

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