Blog Posts by: Ken Metcalfe

Don’t risk the brand damage of unpatched systems

Written by: Ken Metcalfe

18th October 2018

“More than 4,000 known bugs in SAP and 5,000 in Oracle software pose security threats” In July this year the Department of Homeland Security issued an alert citing this study by security firms Digital Shadows and Onapsis that highlights the risks posed to thousands of unpatched business systems from software makers Oracle and SAP. The… Read more »

SAP: “The End of Innovation”?

Written by: Ken Metcalfe

13th September 2018

With many IT budgets being squeezed, it is worth examining the validity of one of the most common reasons SAP customers give for remaining with SAP support; access to software upgrades that provide new functionality. When SAP released version ECC 6 of their ERP software in 2006, they introduced the concept of Enhancement Packages (EHP),… Read more »

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