How is the aviation industry cutting their IT costs?

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In this episode of our “Third-Party Thursdays” video series Victoria Molloy, CCO of Support Revolution, discusses the effect the global pandemic is having on both the airline industry, and the industries that rely on it.

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Airport groups, catering companies, baggage handling organisations and even local councils with airport car parking have been drastically affected by cancelled flights and grounded planes.

It has caused senior members of these organisations to analyse how they’re spending their money –including their Oracle/SAP operating costs.

We’ve been speaking to three airlines in particular over the past few months that have been taking drastic cost-cutting measures; two of the three are planning to reduce their staff by 80% over the next six months.

They have since discovered that third-party support will save them millions in support costs. They’ve also discovered that 80% of their software costs are spent on shelfware. Not only would our third-party support reduce their support costs by 50% but we could identify excess shelfware and remove this cost for them too.

We are able to save these organisations an incredible amount on their IT budget, freeing up crucial funds and potentially enabling them to maintain staff.

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