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Support Revolution continues to grow its staff numbers, with new opportunities opening in our Enterprise Sales team. Anyone interested in the role might like to read an interview with one of the latest additions to the organisation.

Steven Morton, an Enterprise Sales Manager, discusses his time before and during joining Support Revolution, his thoughts on the role, and advice to new applicants like yourself.

Where did your journey with Support Revolution begin?

I was headhunted by Support Revolution’s Talent Acquisition team. Admittedly, when I was first contacted, I was a little sceptical; some headhunting doesn’t always go to plan. But I was impressed by the Talent Acquisition team’s professionalism, and when they pointed me towards the Support Revolution website, I liked the presentation of the brand.

Support Revolution’s message was clear: a way for organisations to move away from the vendors, save money, and improve their journey.

How have you found the training?

Seven years of experience as a software salesman definitely helped me ease into the new role! But from the day I first started, Support Revolution had the right training materials in place. They helped me quickly develop a foundational understanding of the third-party support market for Oracle and SAP.

With Support Revolution’s guidance, the team, and the induction systems in place, I had the training I needed. This gave me a much deeper understanding of what the industry is doing. And by my second week, I was on the phone and building relationships with prospective customers – already establishing new pipelines.

What excites you most as an Enterprise Sales Manager?

It’s hard to pinpoint just one exciting element, as there are so many aspects to the role. Speaking as a sales manager, I can’t deny my competitive side. There are plenty of opportunities to win some very large deals – and with an uncapped double OTE structure, you really can reap the benefits. You have a great chance to develop your career…and your savings account!

Admittedly, that’s a natural part of sales. What’s also important is the knowledge that we’re offering and selling a product designed to help people. That’s something I really appreciate about Support Revolution’s services; we are helping organisations make huge savings and unlock budget that can be reinvested in their own development. Sure, there’s a competitive edge to win big. But I am doing so, knowing I get to make a big difference for organisations, across a variety of industries.

And that’s another thing: I get to talk to and engage with a huge range of people from a huge range of varying industries. There is a massive learning curve, but certainly one I’m eager to follow.

What is your favourite part of the role?

It’s definitely how engaged I become with the prospective customers. It’s all about taking the time to hear their individual stories, understand their specific challenges – and of course, you get to learn a lot more about the software support industry along the way.

And while I’m learning and while I’m building that pipeline, I can offer the solution that these organisations didn’t even know was possible!  

How would you describe life at Support Revolution?

It’s a very interesting role; I’m learning every day, with the bonus of a very knowledgeable and very friendly team on-hand. Everyone’s purpose-driven and passionate about what they do, but even so, it’s easy to open a narrative with other members, including senior management.

It also came as a (pleasant) surprise that the working culture here is exactly as it was described to me. Often, organisations like to get creative and exaggerate a little – especially if you’re headhunted, like I was – but Support Revolution got it just right. Including all the fun bits like weekly quizzes, and a free drink of choice everyday at 4pm. That was very welcome!

And one other thing I really appreciated, not just during the application process but after I started, too, was Support Revolution’s well-defined onboarding process. I know what is expected of me, but equally, I know what I can expect from the organisation.

And finally, one aspect I wasn’t ready for: learning more about Oracle! Getting to know about its traps and tactics was pretty shocking.

Why should someone join Support Revolution?

The way I see it, we are a leading force in an ever-changing environment. Organisations that have used Oracle/SAP are changing their opinions of the vendors and are finally being offered alternative (and better) options.

When you join Support Revolution, the clue’s in the name. You’re joining a revolutionary movement, to make things better for organisations around the world. And you get all the fascinating stuff within that: new businesses, large opportunities, a chance to make a difference, and to make yourself better.

What would your advice be to someone joining?

While it is about getting the end result, you’ve got to value the relationship with the prospects, and you’ve got to value the quota. This isn’t a case of one or the other. I’m not just prospecting, and I’m not just closing – it’s BOTH. It’s an end-to-end, full sales cycle.

And sure, there’s going to be a mixture. Sometimes it’s one call in 50, sometimes it’s one call in 100. But then something will click. And the more you put in, the greater the reward, so you need to have the desire to be the best you can be.

Be curious. Be inquisitive. Be ready to do everything and anything in your power to win the customer!

And be yourself. Do your research and be prepared for interviews; that goes without saying. But Support Revolution likes to be personable yet professional, valuing someone with a sense of humour, a genuine personality, and passion for what they do.

I guess that’s part of the reason they chose me!

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