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This Black Friday, get the best deal on Oracle/SAP support

As an Oracle/SAP customer, are you getting the best possible deal on your support and maintenance costs?

In the November midsection between Halloween and Christmas, there awaits the annual tradition of Black Friday. It’s the time of year when customers expect providers to lower the prices on their products & services and compete on the best possible deals.

Not all providers take part, though. It’s extremely unlikely that software vendors like Oracle and SAP will offer their customers a cost reduction, even for the loyal ones who’ve been with them for many years. In fact, Oracle and SAP only ever raise their prices on a yearly basis, effective on each customer’s support renewal date.

With that in mind, we’re not exactly expecting much from Oracle or SAP this year (or any year for that matter). But this Black Friday, organisations could switch to third-party support for their Oracle/SAP software. They’d receive an even better level of service for a lower price tag, and start saving straight away.

A better deal from Support Revolution

50% off your previous support costs

All customers who join Support Revolution can expect to save at least 50% on their support bills compared to what they were paying Oracle/SAP. This is part of our standard service (though many of our customers have saved even more than 50%).

We can help you reclaim a significant portion of your IT budget, which is entirely yours to reinvest back into the business.

Response and resolution SLAs

A strong Black Friday deal might help get new customers, but the provider needs to prove themselves once Black Friday is over. Oracle likes to try and prove itself by frequently comparing itself to its rivals. But customers need more from their providers than just bold claims and showing off.

All of our customers can expect 50% off their support bills. They can also expect high-quality service from a collaborative support partner. Unlike Oracle and SAP, we provide SLAs on both our response and our resolution times. We will also fix the incident for you, rather than taking the old vendors’ preferred approach of pointing customers towards DIY guides.

And these aren’t bold claims – it is all part of our standard service, provided for all our customers.

We offer a superior level of service at Black Friday prices. Meanwhile, Oracle in particular would have you paying even more fees to go onto Oracle ACS or Market Driven Support.

A future investment

Sometimes a Black Friday deal isn’t just about getting a good deal. It’s also about saving in one area, so you have additional budget to reassign to other projects. It’s about a boost in savings to help investment towards other purchases. (Ones that might not be subject to a Black Friday discount.)

Using our services enables organisations to ‘pause’ their existing Oracle/SAP estates. They continue receiving the support and maintenance they need, without having to pay to upgrade functioning systems.

And the best part? This Black Friday deal isn’t just for November. It lasts for as long as you need it to last.

Start saving on your support today

Our third-party support is available all year round, not just for one day in November. We can provide for all Oracle/SAP products, and any organisations that are using them.

For Support Revolution customers, every day is Black Friday. If you’d like to see which organisations in your industry are already taking advantage of these cost savings, please visit our Customers page.

Are you ready to see just how much your organisation should be saving? Click the button below to complete our savings calculator:

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