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top secret hidden costs oracle upgrade

Why an Oracle upgrade can cost more than expected

On the face of it, upgrading your Oracle applications and databases may seem an easy choice. Upgrading means you’re on the vendor’s top tier of support, and so won’t see such steep price increases, and you’re generally keeping yourself in the vendors’ good books.   Some may argue that you’re also keeping up with the latest technology, and so therefore, the newest benefits (although most innovative changes we’ve seen have been mostly cosmetic in recent

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Comparing Oracle Support to third-party support

Oracle Support vs third-party support

You may be thinking that Oracle Support isn’t too different to third-party support (other than the 50% drop in price). In fact, the difference between the two support models is quite dramatic. The holy grail of Oracle Support (or any support contract for that matter) is the service level agreement. This tells you exactly what kind of service you can

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Helping travel industry save money

Helping travel agencies make huge savings on IT costs

As the challenges faced in 2020 follow us into the new year, we want to remind organisations worldwide how we can help during this difficult period – this time focusing on the travel industry. In September 2020, the Guardian reported that the travel industry is “bracing itself for the collapse of yet more holiday companies, as businesses continue to struggle

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Don't be an Oracle house

Don’t put all your eggs in the Oracle basket

In the lead up to Easter, we have some sage advice for all Oracle customers, specifically ones that are devoted to the brand. These are what some might refer to as an Oracle house. Our Easter message to you is this: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The all-or-nothing approach doesn’t always win. What is an ‘Oracle house?’

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Oracle Database upgrades: a maze of decisions

Is the Oracle Database upgrade option worth it?

With Oracle Database now being released on a yearly basis leaving barely enough time for dust to settle on the last one, it often leaves us wondering: what are the new features and major changes between the versions? What else has Oracle managed to come up with during the 12 months that have passed? And, most crucially of all, does

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Oracle's mistake in Applications Unlimited validates its competition

Has Oracle inadvertently approved third-party support?

There is an ongoing rivalry between Oracle and third-party support providers. Over the past few years, the mega-vendor has used a mixture of approaches against its secret competitors – from content posted passively on its own site to one rather infamous legal battle. But then, Oracle went in a new direction, and unveiled the latest in its arsenal: Oracle Applications

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Oracle customers are the pawns

Is Oracle playing a losing game against its customers?

Every organisation says that it is customer–focused. That the customer is always right. And that it operates in the best interests of the customers. But is this always the case? Think about some of your IT suppliers. Do any regularly frustrate you? Certainly, when we speak to our customers, one thing becomes clear: customer happiness and success is not at

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Oracle Market Driven Support Trojan horse

Market Driven Support – beware Oracle bearing gifts

We’re familiar with Oracle’s ever rising support prices. We know the vendor uses audits to increase its profits. We’ve seen the imprisoning trap of Oracle’s Unlimited Licence Agreements (ULAs). Next, in a long line of dubious sales tactics, comes Oracle’s latest strategy for increasing its profits: Oracle Market Driven Support (MDS). What is Oracle Market Driven Support? Oracle MDS is

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Leave Oracle Support, escape rising cost

Ten years of Oracle Support – what did it cost?

How does Oracle Support work? Oracle has many different products, all of them varying in age and version. Oracle states that it cannot reasonably manage that number of products and that level of variation at all times, so the vendor only offers support and maintenance on just the most recent releases. This is essentially Oracle saying, “in a few years,

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planning your oracle database upgrade and support roadmap

Planning your Oracle Database upgrade and support roadmap

What should you be doing with your Oracle Database? Hundreds of thousands of organisations across a variety of industries use Oracle Database. This is why Oracle Database is widely accepted as one of the top software databases in the world, having first started back in 1979. Since then, Oracle Database has gone through numerous developments and new versions, including Oracle

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