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Keeping compliant (without the vendor)

Don’t believe everything the mega-vendors tell you.  We are aware of the concerns that organisations may have when considering third-party support. Oracle and SAP like to warn their customers of our service (but it’s not the first time they’ve misinformed customers: read our guide on common vendor traps). Due to a lengthy legal battle between a vendor and another provider, some ask ‘is

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Revealing the hidden Oracle costs

Largest IT cost savings hiding in plain sight

Every year, your organisation will explore cost saving initiatives. It’s an integral part to every organisation’s yearly planning. It will usually involve comparing your vendors, analysing the market for new benefits, and ways to make cost savings on aspects such as hosting, security, and hardware. During this process, there’s likely to be costs that you’ll accidentally overlook. You might miss

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top secret hidden costs oracle upgrade

Why an Oracle upgrade can cost more than expected

On the face of it, upgrading your Oracle applications and databases may seem an easy choice. Upgrading means you’re on the vendor’s top tier of support, and so won’t see such steep price increases, and you’re generally keeping yourself in the vendors’ good books.   Some may argue that you’re also keeping up with the latest technology, and so therefore, the newest benefits (although most innovative changes we’ve seen have been mostly cosmetic in recent

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maze lost trapped

Oracle’s three ways to stop its customers leaving

Palisade Compliance once made an interesting observation: “If it were easy to stop using Oracle, then more companies would do it.” The Oracle experts raise a good point. While Oracle does provide good technology, it has a reputation. Specifically, for regularly increasing its support prices while reducing its support, and perpetually moving customers towards upgrading to the latest product version,

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Comparing Oracle Support to third-party support

Oracle Support vs third-party support

You may be thinking that Oracle Support isn’t too different to third-party support (other than the 50% drop in price). In fact, the difference between the two support models is quite dramatic. The holy grail of Oracle Support (or any support contract for that matter) is the service level agreement. This tells you exactly what kind of service you can

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Helping travel industry save money

Helping travel agencies make huge savings on IT costs

As the challenges faced in 2020 follow us into the new year, we want to remind organisations worldwide how we can help during this difficult period – this time focusing on the travel industry. In September 2020, the Guardian reported that the travel industry is “bracing itself for the collapse of yet more holiday companies, as businesses continue to struggle

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Don't be an Oracle house

Don’t put all your eggs in the Oracle basket

In the lead up to Easter, we have some sage advice for all Oracle customers, specifically ones that are devoted to the brand. These are what some might refer to as an Oracle house. Our Easter message to you is this: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The all-or-nothing approach doesn’t always win. What is an ‘Oracle house?’

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Oracle Database upgrades: a maze of decisions

Is the Oracle Database upgrade option worth it?

With Oracle Database now being released on a yearly basis leaving barely enough time for dust to settle on the last one, it often leaves us wondering: what are the new features and major changes between the versions? What else has Oracle managed to come up with during the 12 months that have passed? And, most crucially of all, does

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Oracle's mistake in Applications Unlimited validates its competition

Has Oracle inadvertently approved third-party support?

There is an ongoing rivalry between Oracle and third-party support providers. Over the past few years, the mega-vendor has used a mixture of approaches against its secret competitors – from content posted passively on its own site to one rather infamous legal battle. But then, Oracle went in a new direction, and unveiled the latest in its arsenal: Oracle Applications

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Oracle SAP Cloud (Cold) War stalemate

Has Oracle and SAP’s Cloud war become a cold war?

The mega-vendors’ stalemate While organisations are remaining stationary to protect themselves, and no vendor can ‘win’ the Cloud war, does a Cloud cold war emerge? Oracle and SAP, two market giants, have been playing a long game of ‘who has the most customers?’ Amidst everything else that’s happening in the world right now, it’s quite concerning to watch this face-off.

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