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Oracle customers are the pawns

Is Oracle playing a losing game against its customers?

Every organisation says that it is customer–focused. That the customer is always right. And that it operates in the best interests of the customers. But is this always the case? Think about some of your IT suppliers. Do any regularly frustrate you? Certainly, when we speak to our customers, one thing becomes clear: customer happiness and success is not at

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This Valentine's Day find a new support partner

Valentine’s Day: are you smitten with your support partner?

This Valentine’s Day, we’re considering the aspects that make up a great support partnership, and whether organisations like yours are currently able to enjoy them. With any kind of relationship, be it personal or professional, there will always be some level of expectation. You come to expect certain behaviours and support from the other side. It’s important to honestly consider

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Oracle Market Driven Support Trojan horse

Market Driven Support – beware Oracle bearing gifts

We’re familiar with Oracle’s ever rising support prices. We know the vendor uses audits to increase its profits. We’ve seen the imprisoning trap of Oracle’s Unlimited Licence Agreements (ULAs). Next, in a long line of dubious sales tactics, comes Oracle’s latest strategy for increasing its profits: Oracle Market Driven Support (MDS). What is Oracle Market Driven Support? Oracle MDS is

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Oracle SAP competitor kept secret

The secret competitor of Oracle and SAP

The article below is based on a recent post from Mark Smith, CEO of Support Revolution. He spoke to Enterprise Times about the secret competitor that Oracle and SAP don’t like to talk about. Beneath their rivalry over Cloud function and customer numbers, Oracle and SAP have another competitor they don’t talk about – and for good reason. Sometimes, what an organisation is

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Cost optimise and negotiate with Oracle

David vs Goliath: How to negotiate with Oracle

The article below is based on a recent post from Mark Smith, CEO of Support Revolution. He spoke to ITAM Review about how organisations need to prioritise cost optimisation, and how they can negotiate with Oracle. Gartner recently forecast that global IT spending is due to decrease, with a potential 7.3% decline before the end of 2020. But while organisations continue to try and recover from the pandemic, already facing losses

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Support Revolution sales opportunity

Life as an Enterprise Sales Manager at Support Revolution

Support Revolution continues to grow its staff numbers, with new opportunities opening in our Enterprise Sales team. Anyone interested in the role might like to read an interview with one of the latest additions to the organisation. Steven Morton, an Enterprise Sales Manager, discusses his time before and during joining Support Revolution, his thoughts on the role, and advice to

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Recession inspires Oracle Cloud coercion

Beware a post-recession Oracle

The article below is based on a recent post from Mark Smith, CEO of Support Revolution, who spoke to ITProPortal about the three main tactics Oracle uses to move customers to the Cloud, and how to prepare for them. Following the disruption of a pandemic lockdown and the resulting global recession, most organisations are currently doing whatever is necessary to protect themselves. This

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A New Year's (support) revolution

The New Year’s revolution

With 2020 (finally) drawing to a close, it’s the time of year to discuss New Year’s resolutions; the goals and promises we set ourselves to make the next year better than the last. It’s undeniable that 2020 was not the year that anyone expected it to be. But as difficult as 2020 has been to endure, the past 12 months

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Third-party support: the gift that keeps on giving

You’re probably not expecting much from Oracle or SAP this Christmas, but there are other support partners that go above and beyond their customers’ expectations. This is not just for Christmas, but all year round; we offer a gift that keeps on giving. The year draws to a close, and December brings with it the traditional festivities and a sense

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Organisations can protect themselves against the effects of the recession

How to recession-proof your IT budget

The article below is based on a recent post from Mark Smith, CEO of Support Revolution, who spoke to E3zine about how organisations can better prepare their IT budgets during a recession. With the global economy in decline and announcements of recession frequently appearing in newsfeeds, implementing cost-cutting initiatives has evolved from a recommended business practice to an outright necessity. Now more than

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