Support Revolution reports record growth of 62% in one year

Support Revolution is the UK-based provider of third-party software support for Oracle and SAP systems. Recently, the organisation has announced record Support Revolution growth across two successive years.

A record Support Revolution growth of 62%

This is a slight rise from last year’s growth of 60%. The company’s growth has been driven by a huge number of organisations leaving Oracle and SAP support in favour of Support Revolution’s more affordable, better quality support.

New clients include manufacturers, hotel chains, government, and also regulatory bodies. They all strived to reduce budgets without compromising on the level of support they received.

“Our record growth has been driven by the quality of our people. Our depth of knowledge and our drive to save every customer a minimum of 50% on their support bills is what has driven the business.”

Mark Smith, CEO of Support Revolution

About Support Revolution

Founded in 2012, Support Revolution provides Oracle and SAP customers with third-party software support.

The organisation is the only UK-headquartered provider of third-party support for Oracle and SAP. It also has permanently employed, knowledgeable support teams, security cleared to the highest levels.

To support the company’s rapid growth and to drive further business development, the business has doubled its UK-based team in the past 18 months.

Due to an unrivalled depth of industry and local knowledge and also over 22 years of experience, Support Revolution provides first-class support. We save customers between 50% and 90% on their support bills. This hugely reduces support costs and releases funds for new projects.

Unlike the vendors that enforce upgrades and discontinue support for old systems, we enable organisations to remain on existing versions for as long as they wish. We supply patches and fixes and support all customisations. We therefore give complete control back to our customers. And that’s why we’re seeing Support Revolution growth this year.

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