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Myth: Third-party support cannot provide patches and fixes

Some think that third-party support providers cannot create their own patches, but this isn’t the case. We can access Oracle and SAP code to develop patches and updates. In the unlikely instance where we cannot as the issue is with inaccessible code (<1%), we develop an alternative solution.

Myth: Third-party support cannot access vendor code or develop patches

Some IT leaders and specialists will insist on sticking to their ERP vendor support, despite the high costs and poor SLAs. They believe that “only their vendor can provide high-quality patches and fixes” and linked to this belief: “third parties cannot access Oracle/SAP code to produce patches.”

Because of this, they believe that leaving ‘official’ Oracle/SAP Support is too significant a risk.

These beliefs are based on myths told by the vendors. The opposite is in fact true.

Not only do we provide high-quality support, but to do this, we can access 99%+ of Oracle and SAP code to create third-party support patches. We ensure that your ERP system continues to run smoothly on its current version, and in a much safer way compared to the vendors; they can leave you unpatched and vulnerable for months.

So in the majority of cases, we can access the code we need to create our own patches. But, in the very rare instance that we cannot access the source code, we simply create and implement an alternative solution.

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The Support Revolution patching method

Whether we resolve issues by accessing Oracle or SAP code or by a customised solution, we’re determined to get it right first time.

“Not resolving issues the first time generates negative customer behaviour towards the vendor; the customer naturally thinks ‘you haven’t fixed it, as it has happened more than once.’ We pride ourselves on understanding what the root cause is, and giving you a first-time fix so that the problem won’t happen again.”

Kiran Gorajala, Chief Information Officer at Support Revolution

Our third-party support patches aren’t generic either; we don’t subscribe to the idea of one-size-fits-all when it comes to updates. We support your current version and your customisations, which means that we create fixes and patches that will support the customisation, as well as the standard code.

Our fixes are future-proof, too. We maintain an archive of all our own fixes for reference. We also follow Oracle and SAP development standards to ensure we keep to industry best practices. Our approach means that your organisation can return to vendor support in the future if you so wish.

We create workarounds for inaccessible core code

One of our customers was experiencing an intermittent issue, where the Apache processes kept failing. In Oracle, JSERV finding dead processes caused the Apache server and its child processes to restart every 15 minutes.

As the problem was within the Apache server and JSERV console – proprietary to Oracle – this area couldn’t be accessed. And to add to the problem, the issue was inherited from the supplier; it was a long-standing issue never resolved under Oracle Support.

We developed our own solution and designed custom code as a patch to mitigate the issue, by restarting the dead process in a timely manner. Where we solved an issue, Oracle had not.

We improve your security

When it comes to the security of your ERP system, we believe in being proactive and protecting your ERP suite as a whole. The approach the vendors use is much more reactive; applying patches when you need them.

Rather than apply patches directly to your software (which can take time and risks damaging functionality) we use Trend Micro’s Deep Security Solution. Deep Security protects everything associated with your ERP system. It does this by setting up a virtual fence to stop malicious traffic getting into your system.

Our approach also means that, even if there is Oracle or SAP core code that we cannot access, your software remains secure.

Plus, a typical fix from Oracle for a security alert might be downloaded and tested in less than a week. But then, it needs to go through a formal process to get it through User Acceptance Testing, pass Regression Testing. It then needs promoting through the various environments on the way to the live system. This can take weeks or even months.

Whereas our security solution means you’re protected (with no downtime) within hours, not days. And we follow your change management process, to ensure as minimal disruption as possible.

Myth: busted

Third-party support can provide your updates and patches, by accessing Oracle and SAP code to do it. And if there’s code we can’t access, we’ll find another way and develop a new solution.

Support Revolution can provide you with a bespoke service, specific to your systems, and created to be right first time.

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