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Webinar: The age of Cloud

As an Oracle or SAP customer, do you feel forced into upgrading your ERP even when you don’t see the value in it or the timing isn’t right for you?

This is the position many organisations are in, wondering what their options are. If you listen to your vendor, you may think your only options are to upgrade by its deadline or switch to a new product – but this isn’t true.

Why watch this webinar?

In this webinar hosted by our CIO, Kiran Gorajala, we take you through:

  • The upgrade cycle in detail
  • All of the options for upgrading your systems
  • How you can break the upgrade cycle by switching to third-party support
  • How any organisation on any version of Oracle or SAP can maintain a stable system with regular updates
  • This is a must watch for any organisation looking to maximise the use of its IT budget this financial year.

This is a must watch for any organisation facing a looming upgrade deadline or wondering what to do about the SAP S/4HANA deadline.
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