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How This Austrian Energy Solution Provider Saved Millions On Its Oracle Estate by Switching to Support Revolution

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This organisation provides power and gas compression solutions around the world, combining its legacy with pioneering technology and providing affordable, reliable and sustainable solutions for the future.

The Problem

They wanted to reduce its Oracle spending while retaining the option to upgrade

The organisation runs a purely Oracle-based estate, using both Oracle Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to run its applications. The organisation was looking to reduce its spending on Oracle systems and software. However, while they wanted to achieve cost-cutting initiatives, it also wanted to retain its flexibility in terms of upgrading its systems when necessary. The organisation was running Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.6 and wanted to upgrade later in its roadmap. 

The organisation was aware that it could switch to third-party support in order to reduce its support costs. Before switching support providers however, they decided that it would undergo the latest Oracle upgrade while transitioning over to third-party support. That way, its chosen third-party support provider could keep its systems stable on the newest, upgraded version. 

However, this meant that they needed a third-party support provider that could support its systems during the transition, support the new version, and onboard more entities at a later date to keep its systems fully supported. 

The Solution

We assist them with an E-Business Suite upgrade while reducing its support costs

Working closely with their team, Support Revolution was able to guide them through the process of upgrading from Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.6 to 12.2.9, while also transitioning them over to our support service. 

Our dedicated account managers provided the guidance that they needed to ensure the process ran smoothly and successfully. 

Working in partnership throughout the process, we helped in the upgrade of their software while also identifying and removing any unnecessary shelfware, keeping its systems efficient and as relevant to its requirements as possible. 

With the process completed, the organisation is now running Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.9 (the latest version) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

This setup works as an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform, which means that the organisation is able to run whatever applications it wants on this Cloud – and can still use third-party support.

The Benefits

Maintaining an active estate

For a lot of our customers, our third-party support has enabled them to sweat longstanding assets and maintain older, “legacy” products. The collaboration between us and the organisation, however, has helped the organisation to significantly lower its support costs on an active system, successfully cutting its Oracle bills while it runs the latest applications.

Savings to reinvest into the organisation

As part of our standard third-party support service, we have managed to significantly reduce their support and maintenance costs and saved over 77% each year compared to its previous support bill. Through making these savings, the organisation has reinvested its budget elsewhere in the organisation.

A trusted support partnership

They acknowledged our history as an Oracle partner and our 21+ years’ experience in the Oracle market. We were recognised as a trustworthy and reliable support partner, and therefore chosen as their best strategy of achieving its objectives.

A collaborative contract

At Support Revolution, we believe in close collaboration between our teams and our customers, rather than being another faceless point of contact. Our dedication enabled us to form a solid partnership with their in-house team, providing real value and proactive guidance.

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