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How This Chinese Bank Reinstated Its Oracle Databases’ Value for Money by Moving to Support Revolution

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This organisation is one of the state-owned commercial banks in China. It has a well-established global service network with institutions set up across the Chinese mainland as well as multiple countries and regions.

The Problem

The organisation was massively overpaying for a support service that it didn’t need

The organisation was using “legacy” Oracle Databases that were integral to its everyday processes. These databases couldn’t be upgraded as they were built into the bank’s core processes and connected to several other systems. This meant that an upgrade was impossible without risking damage to the stability of the other systems.

This suited the bank; it had no desire to upgrade, having not seen any value in Oracle’s later versions. The main drawback though, was Oracle’s continually rising support fees. This was not just the typical 4% price increase year-on- year; the organisation’s databases were on Extended Support, so it was charged an additional 10% of its licence fees in the first year, 20% in the second year, and 20% in the third year. These were rising costs that it couldn’t justify.

It wasn’t getting adequate value from its support contract, given that its software was so out of date. The bank needed to reduce its support bills and remain on its current versions.

The Solution

We took over their Oracle Database support, freezing its versions and halving its vendor support bill

They realised that our third-party support could provide the necessary updates and patches for its Oracle databases, all while massively cutting its support costs.

Based on our extensive experience of providing support to the financial sector and our in-depth processes and security systems (based on ISO 9001 and 27001), the organisation was confident in our ability to support it too. 

By migrating the organisation away from Oracle’s Extended Support, we achieved huge savings.

We also moved the bank away from Oracle’s constant pressure to upgrade its systems. It didn’t need to upgrade to access our support; it kept its systems while saving on its IT budget.

Our value-added service started straight away. During its transition over to us, we performed a health check of their databases. 

We did some housekeeping and provided maintenance as part of our onboarding  service. This process allowed us to fully understand the support needed and provide preventative fixes, so that its systems could remain stable. 

The Benefits

Improved vendor-customer relationship

As soon as they began its migration to Support Revolution, we were working to improve its service and to meet its strategic goals. 

With Support Revolution, the bank escaped from Oracle’s pressure to upgrade, frequent price rises, and minimal efforts in terms of providing support.

Huge savings to invest in future projects 

They saved more than 50% on its previous support costs across a three-year period. 

This doesn’t include the amount saved by avoiding unnecessary technical upgrades, and the potential costs in damages an upgrade might have created.

Now free from Oracle’s upgrade schedule, they can focus its team on what’s important to them, leaving the support of its systems to us. 

A more flexible solution

The organisation still uses the same integrated Oracle Databases; the difference is, now it’s not massively overpaying for the privilege of using them. 

The databases are now less of a priority, meaning that it can refocus its efforts and 

the budget we’ve saved towards other, more important projects.

Superior support services 

The organisation now has access to superior support through dedicated account managers and both response and resolution SLAs, which is something it wasn’t receiving from Oracle.

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