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How This Danish Telecommunications Organisation Maintained Its Oracle Software Without Upgrading or Being Trapped by Oracle Market Driven Support

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One of Denmarks telecommunications companies, this organisation remains ready for the latest developments in technology, as digitalisation opens new opportunities.

The Problem

This organisation was caught between Oracle’s Sustaining Support deadline and an unwanted proposal of Oracle Market Driven Support (MDS)

The organisation was running E-Business Suite R12.1.3. This version is due to move into Sustaining Support (Oracle’s lowest tier of support) universally at the end of 2021. In accordance with Oracle’s typical marketing message – “keep upgrading for full support” – they investigated the possibility of upgrading. 

However, the organisation didn’t see adequate value in the project. Doing so would devalue the systems that they had spent so much time and money customising and developing. On top of this, the latest version held no new features that could justify such an undertaking. 

They decided to approach Oracle in a bid to negotiate a more suitable solution. In return, Oracle gave them a proposal: Market Driven Support (MDS). Oracle Market Driven Support is a bespoke, limited, and less common support option, separate from Oracle’s usual tiers. On the face of it, MDS would enable them to remain supported and compliant, even past the cut-off date. However, MDS is not the lifeline it seems. With MDS, Oracle will provide support for priority one fixes and security updates if the vendor deems them “commercially viable” and “appropriate.” Essentially, Oracle will not only decide when it will support customers, but whether it will fix issues at all. Nothing about MDS is guaranteed.

It’s a last chance for Oracle to keep customers within its upgrade cycle. It’s also a way for the vendor to charge any amount for a level of support it controls. Naturally, they declined this “generous” offer. The organisation had no intention to upgrade but it didn’t want to pay Oracle more money for less support either. The organisation was already paying a huge sum for Oracle’s limited Sustaining Support. They accepted that Oracle didn’t have a suitable solution to meet the organisation’s needs, and therefore decided that it would move to third-party support.

The Solution

We supported their Oracle software and provided the organisation with more freedom and control over its estate than Oracle MDS ever could

The organisation was already aware of third-party support as a viable solution, and the organisation turned to Support Revolution. they recognised our experience as an Oracle partner, and our 22 years of experience in the support industry. The organisation appreciated that we have worked alongside the vendor, not actively against it.

Our third-party support services have helped reinstate their roadmap flexibility. The organisation no longer needs to upgrade its software in order to receive full support, and hasn’t lost the accumulated value of its systems.

Instead, the organisation can maintain its existing product versions for as long as it wishes with the freedom to alter its systems. We can help them with any additional changes the organisation wishes to make. As an added bonus, The organisation has not been forced into upgrading. It has also avoided the restrictions and costs of agreeing to Oracle MDS. For any organisation, Oracle MDS can only ever be a short-term solution for a long-term problem. However, by moving to Support Revolution, the organisation has achieved the exact opposite of MDS; it is paying much less for much more support.
The Benefits

Savings and quality without compromise

Since switching to Support Revolution, the organisation has saved roughly 57% on its support fees compared to its previous costs with Oracle. The organisation has achieved these fantastic savings in very little time, and without having to compromise on the quality of its support.  

Support where it’s needed

Our customers have the option of moving just a part of their estate over to our support if they wish and continue receiving the vendor’s support on other software. What usually happens is they receive the benefit of our price reductions, our vastly improved service, and ultimately, they move even more of their estate over to us. This was the case for this organisation. It moved its Oracle E-Business Suite over to us and kept its Oracle Database systems within vendor support. The organisation has plans to move its Oracle Database systems over to our third-party support at a later date. 

Dedicated support, not dubious sales tactics

Oracle MDS gives Oracle substantial control over an organisation’s roadmap just when the vendor was about to lose it. This can leave the organisation overpaying for reduced support or being forced to upgrade. They avoided Oracle’s offer. It moved to us, a support partner committed to providing an enhanced level of support for a greatly reduced price. 

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