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How This Dutch Construction Organisation Took Control of Their SAP Roadmap and Saved 50% on the Cost of Their Support

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This organisation specialises in large scale infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, utility buildings, ports, houses, and highways: building and developing sustainable and often iconic landmarks that contribute to society. Based on knowledge, experience, and the latest techniques..

The Problem

Their systems were heavily customised to align with their business needs and because of this were not utilising SAP’s support services

Having a strong in-house support team meant that they were not so reliant on SAP’s support. They decided, at the beginning on 2023, to implement a new tool across the business.

It was, however, deemed too risky to go fully unsupported so the team looked to the market for alternative providers as an insurance policy before they migrated fully to the new system.

The Solution

After meeting Support Revolution at Gartner Barcelona IT Symposium in 2022, they remembered our strapline – save up to 90% on your support costs

They reached out towards the end of 2023, and we quickly onboarded them in time for their 2023 renewal.

Support Revolution saved them 50% on their support fees over the next 2 years and became their insurance policy should the planned move to the new system face any issues.

The Benefits

Support Revolution were able to provide a level of flexibility that the vendor would not

This enabled them to sign a multi-year agreement with the added option to extend if they needed it. This level of co-operation meant that they could adjust their deadlines as required should their implementation projects overrun.  

They were also aided by forming a relationship with a trusted partner, with decades of industry experience, who could provide help and guidance in support of these objectives. 

To cap it all off, they reduced their support and maintenance costs by 50% which freed up additional funds for them to invest back into their transformation roadmap. 

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