How This French Engineering Organisation Was Denied Support by Oracle but Kept Its Oracle Database Supported With Support Revolution

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With a heritage of over 100 years, this organisation operates across 50 countries and works with over 50,000 people across the globe. The multinational organisation designs and builds electrical systems, and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation, and security markets.

The Problem

Their UK headquarters was due to lose Oracle Support for critical Oracle systems

Their UK office was running its applications on Oracle Database 11g. Given the size of the organisation with multiple key sites in the UK alone, its databases were critical to the running of the business and needed to be maintained accordingly. To make matters worse, Oracle would not allow them to receive Oracle Support any longer. Their critical Oracle systems were therefore left unsupported.

Without a support provider in place, any issues that might arise could threaten the operations of the wider business. 

The Solution

We replaced Oracle Support and ensured their Oracle Databases remained supported

Their support agreement with the Home Office had led to a problem with Oracle.  Fortunately, it also led to the solution, and a huge improvement in cost and quality.

They investigated the option of switching to third-party support, as the organisation was already aware of third-party support and Support Revolution through its agreement with another organisation.

The other organisation had chosen Support Revolution as its third-party support provider, and this trusted partnership with a central government body in the UK helped them when deciding on its own support partner. 

The organisation was also appreciative that our  support teams have been security cleared to the highest level, and that we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited. 

We could provide support for their Oracle estate, regardless of its version or age. They could continue running its databases indefinitely, without an unnecessary Cloud purchase or upgrade of any kind.

The Benefits

Providing support when the vendor doesn’t

Oracle denied them of support, indifferent to the impact this could have on the organisation. If a new security threat arose, they would not have access to security patching and be left vulnerable.

By switching to Support Revolution, the organisation has regained access to the support it needs, and joined forces with a collaborative support partner dedicated to helping customers in achieving their goals.

A more flexible solution

The organisation still uses Oracle Database to run its business. The only difference is that it’s now saving 50% compared to its previous support costs. 

Support is less of a priority, meaning that they can refocus its efforts and the budget we’ve saved towards other, more important projects.

Superior support services 

The organisation now has access to superior support, even better than the service it received before being cut off by Oracle. They have gained dedicated account managers and both response and resolution SLAs, which is something it wasn’t receiving from Oracle.

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