How This Car Maintenance Organisation Used Support Revolution to Save Money as the Organisation Migrated Away From Oracle

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Providing an all-round service for motorists, it focuses on fair and affordable services in its workshops and offers a wide range of products in the adjacent shops. Its logistics systems are vital to ensure that the right parts and people are available in the right  place at the right time. 

The Problem

The organisation wanted to decommission its Oracle Databases and migrate to a new provider, but still needed to maintain its out-of-support systems during the transition

The organisation made the decision to move its systems away from Oracle, reallocating internal resources to its new system. However, they had a large annual support bill and demands from Oracle to upgrade its core systems. This was a big risk for them considering it still relied on these systems to drive them forward. 

However, upgrading was out of the question. They were too integrated with other systems and the upgrade would not only break these links, but would also be a huge cost for a system that wasn’t going to be used going forwards.

 They had to decide whether to invest in a lengthy upgrade project and continuing Oracle support costs for a legacy system, or whether to support these products in-house – an equally daunting prospect.

The Solution

We provided them with support and managed services, freeing its team to work on other priorities and saving money

The organisation was already aware of third-party support and had handed in its notice to Oracle before engaging with Support Revolution. 

The team had decided to work with us as a support provider because of our competencies in managed service support.

They also chose Support Revolution for our long track record of providing high-quality support for these types of critical systems, and our experienced European support and delivery team that were able to collaborate with them on-site.

We sent a team of specialists to their offices to work with its team to understand the current and future needs of the organisation. From this, we were able to tailor our service to them and give it a level of comprehensive support that it wasn’t receiving before.

The Benefits

Cost savings on support and upgrades

They not only saved more than 50% on its basic Oracle Support bills, but it also saved on the costs of having to do an unnecessary upgrade on its core systems to keep receiving Oracle Support. This would have meant taking internal resources away from other priorities and potentially slowing down their migration process – meaning more money for Oracle.

Skilled DBA support for new initiatives

Legacy doesn’t mean static. They recognised that transitioning to new systems is a lengthy process and that its organisation couldn’t stand still during this time. Support Revolution provides the organisation with managed service support for its databases to ensure that optimisation work continues and that the organisation remains competitive and operational.

Guaranteed operation of the databases

Their Oracle systems may be legacy and on track for migration, but that doesn’t make them any less vital to the ongoing operations of the organisation. These core systems are the heartbeat of how they plan and organise its organisation, and it needs to be certain that any problems are quickly resolved. Working with Support Revolution ensured that its systems remained functional, and our SLA compliance was proof we could deliver this.

Migration and termination support

Their end-goal is to transition away from Oracle fully. Our work with them is to ensure this project remains on track and that the termination of its Oracle products runs smoothly with minimal impact to the organisation.

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How This Chinese Bank Reinstated Its Oracle Databases’ Value for Money by Moving to Support Revolution

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