How This International Banking Group Maintained Its Support and Compliance During a Transition From Sap to Oracle With Support Revolution

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This organisation offers local and international expertise, and access to market-leading products and services in multiple core markets.

The Problem

This organisation was undergoing significant business change, transitioning from SAP to Oracle, and SAP wasn’t being supportive

The organisation was using an SAP-based estate, running various applications on the SAP ASE database. However, the organisation was undergoing a large-scale organisation change, transitioning from SAP to Oracle Fusion SaaS. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the transition project was delayed, leaving the organisation in the no man’s land of software migration: neither here nor there. 

They needed support for a number of databases it had left with SAP until the transition could be completed. There was no way for them to avoid this obstacle; as a major player in the financial sector, the organisation is regulated and therefore subject to strict compliance guidelines. For this reason, the organisation could not go unsupported at all. 

With the project on hold indefinitely, they knew it needed a way to remain supported for roughly six to 12 months, or at least until the remaining databases on its SAP estate were decommissioned.

Trouble was, SAP would not allow them to keep just a small part of its software estate on SAP Support. Given that there was no definitive idea of when the project would finish, they required a flexible support partner that could maintain its SAP software in the meantime. Instead, the vendor was playing a long game of ‘take it or leave it.’ Happily, the vendor lost.

The Solution

We provided support where the vendor would not, enabling them to prioritise its transition

Once they understood how Support Revolution could resolve its issue, it made the strategic decision to move the remaining parts of its SAP estate over to us. They cancelled support with SAP before the vendor’s deadline of 30 September. The organisation would stay with us until the project was completed.

Unlike the vendor, it was of no concern to us that the organisation was moving just part of its estate to our support. Nor did it matter that the organisation didn’t know how long the transition would take. We would provide support on its remaining databases. Meanwhile, they could return its focus to where it was needed: decommissioning databases and moving to Oracle. 

Our support services meant we would successfully maintain their compliance requirements. Contrary to what they might have previously believed, the organisation was able to save on its support and maintenance.

In fact, Support Revolution already has a proven history of helping large banking, which can be found in our customer case studies. They could be assured of the quality and reliability of our support.

The Benefits

A sold support partnership

The organisation was undergoing an important transition project. SAP’s reluctance to offer a reduced support service wasn’t making the process easy. Fortunately, they found Support Revolution. We care about all our customers’ objectives, and by providing support where the vendor would not, we were able to alleviate some of the stress of their project.

Staying supported and cutting costs

Even if SAP had allowed them support for its remaining databases, it’s unlikely that the vendor would have lowered the price to match. They would have been caught between the vendors, paying support fees to both Oracle and SAP. 

Through our service, they saved millions on its support fees. Even during a transition, they actually saved budget that could be reinvested back into the organisation. 

Compliance isn’t vendor specific

Mega-vendors, like Oracle and SAP, are notorious for perpetuating the rumour that, to remain compliant, organisations must retain vendor-provided support. They would say that, as it keeps organisations paying their extortionate support fees.

However, compliance regulations simply require organisations to be supported. This can be through the vendor, but can be just as easily achieved with a third-party support provider like Support Revolution. The key difference is that we can keep organisations compliant for a fraction of the price.

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