How This Middle Eastern Airline Maintained Security and Compliance Without Upgrading Its Oracle Software

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This organisation has grown to become a diverse, global aviation and travel group.

The Problem

Opting not to upgrade its Oracle software left them without access to security patches while overpaying for poor support

The organisation had decided to reclaim its IT roadmap and wanted to explore the option of migrating from Oracle to SAP. The organisation had put in place a time frame for this transition to happen on its own terms. However, they didn’t want to wait years to be free from Oracle. 

Determined to decommission its Oracle software, the organisation opted not to upgrade its current product version (11g), which meant that the organisation was moved to Oracle’s Sustaining Support. As a result, the organisation was no longer eligible to receive fixes and security patches (a primary concern in the aviation industry). Despite this, the organisation was hit with a price rise as it entered Sustaining Support on 31 December 2020.

Relegated to Oracle’s self-help fixes and paying out for the vendor’s lack-lustre support, they sought a partner to offer the organisation more flexibility and aid with its long-term strategy to transition to an alternative vendor.

The Solution

Support Revolution was able to support their version of Oracle software, enabling the organisation to maintain its security and compliance, while it pursued its long-term IT strategy

The organisation felt that Support Revolution, as an Oracle partner for many years, had the knowledge and reputation to best support its Oracle software estate, as the organisation looked to move away from vendor support. 

With compliance and security a primary concern for the organisation, they were further assured by our partnership with Trend Micro, a world-leading provider of security solutions, and our in-house security team. Our virtual patching solution acts as a fence around the organisation’s systems which facilitates timely security updates for improved protection. 

Working closely with them, we were able to provide a seamless transition from Oracle Support to us. The move meant that they had successfully avoided needlessly upgrading its system and no longer had to face the dire realities of Sustaining Support. 

Instead, the organisation has secured itself a flexible support partner; one who is committed to providing an outstanding level of service for at least half the price of vendor support. The organisation is now in a prime position to focus its efforts on pursuing its long-term IT strategy and developments, knowing that it will remain compliant, secure, and fully supported.

Compliance and security

Faced with Sustaining Support, and no longer eligible for patches and fixes, their system could have been left vulnerable and it could have fallen quickly out of compliance. Our efficient incident resolution and tailor- made patches guarantees that they will remain compliant. And, unlike Oracle, we use a virtual patching solution to protect against critical vulnerabilities (a key concern in the aviation industry) in as little as 48 hours.

Freedom from forced upgrades

As part of its future strategy, they decided against an Oracle upgrade. As the organisation wanted to move away from the vendor, it did not want to deplete its resources adopting a new version that would be decommissioned. Third-party support has enabled the organisation to free itself from the pressures of upgrading. The organisation has also escaped Oracle’s support model and is no longer overpaying for subpar support. 

Savings to reinvest into the organisation 

In addition to a much-improved service, The organisation has also made significant cost savings. No longer having to cover Oracle’s extortionate support, or having to find the money for an upgrade, the organisation can reallocate savings to focus on its roadmap.

Flexible support model 

Our ability to support older versions of Oracle software enabled them to transition away from the vendor without the fear of going unsupported. The organisation has the time and freedom to explore its options as it navigates the next stage of its IT roadmap.

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