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How This Middle Eastern Business Group Escaped a Broken Vendor Relationship and Reinvested in Its Future, With Support Revolution

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This organisation holds influence in numerous different industry sectors.

The Problem

This organisation resisted upgrades and had threats of being audited by Oracle, while urgently needing to cut costs

This organisation has invested heavily in its Oracle estate, with years of adding and customising systems, to create a tailored setup that can manage its diverse global network. The organisation had no plans for any upgrades or significant changes to its software at all for at least three years. However, this decision was of no consequence to Oracle. The mega-vendor continued to force them towards unnecessary upgrades. When they declined, Oracle threatened licence audits. 

Though hardly a desirable outcome at the best of times, the business was also experiencing budget cuts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global recession, added to concerns over the potential audit, left the organisation in dire need of reducing costs. They needed to make savings in order to protect the business. However, audits and global events still weren’t the end of its troubles. Its Oracle Database 10g was already out of Premier Support, while Oracle Database 11g and E-Business Suite 12.1.3 were facing a similar deadline; they would see a further increase to its Oracle bills. Oracle’s answer to their problem was to upgrade, in order to continue receiving Premier Support. They still didn’t want to upgrade and lose the maintained value of its legacy systems. It didn’t fit into the organisation’s roadmap to maintain software for at least three years. Plus, an upgrade would present yet another unnecessary cost that the organisation didn’t need. Ultimately, they no longer wanted to continue paying Oracle for its software support.

The Solution

We helped them make critical savings of more than 50% on its support fees, unlocking budget at a critical time

They approached Support Revolution because of our 22+ years of experience with Oracle, and the fact that we work alongside the vendor, not actively against it. We immediately reduced their support fees, freeing up crucial budget that could be reinvested back into the organisation. This provided breathing room amidst audits and the global recession. 

We would provide support on its current versions long past Oracle’s cut-off dates, meaning the organisation could focus on running its organisation and leave the maintaining of its systems to us. They greatly valued the ability to maintain their current systems rather than having its roadmap and IT spend dictated by Oracle.

Switching to our support, and preserving existing software, has also meant that they no longer have Oracle account managers making on-site visits to try and sell services. Instead, the group’s in-house support team have built a working partnership with our team of technical experts, enjoying our approach to providing fixes in line with both response and resolution SLAs.

The Benefits

Savings to reinvest into the organisation

Support Revolution has managed to save them over 50% on its annual support fees. These savings can be reinvested back into the organisation, immediately unlocking budget at a critical time. Now, the organisation is in a more stable position to protect itself in a recession.

Freedom from Oracle’s upgrade cycle

By switching to third-party support, they have extended the lifespan of all its Oracle software, indefinitely. We will maintain its versions for as long as it requires, with no need to upgrade or alter its estate in any way.

Investing in future development

With Support Revolution, they can sweat its existing assets, even past Oracle’s support cut-off dates. This way, when the organisation evaluates its software estate in three years (or longer, if the group so wishes), it can plan a new roadmap and invest the savings made with us back into the organisation.

A more collaborative support partnership

The savings the organisation has made have been fantastic; and the organisation has found additional value in being able to connect with a much better support partnership – one that does not include hidden fees, or surprise penalties.

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