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How a Middle Eastern Family Business Group Extended the Life of Its Oracle Systems and Found the Budget to Migrate to the Cloud

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This organisation is now one of the largest family business groups in the Middle East.

The Problem

Feeling the effects of the pandemic and fed up with Oracle’s poor service levels and extortionate support fees, they sought to reduce its costs and move away from the vendor

Like many organisation’s around the globe, they felt the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and began exploring its cost saving options. The organisation’s IT budget was stretched and further thinned by the infamously high, and continually rising, costs of Oracle’s support services. 

Caught by Oracle’s automatically renewing contracts, they were shelling out annually for extortionate vendor support. Frustratingly, the organisation also felt, like so many others, that the level of support and quality of service provided by Oracle fell short of all expectations (especially considering the rather steep price point).

Feeling the pinch and fed up with the misgivings of vendor support, they came to understand the significant cost savings that could be made by making the move to a third-party provider. With the added guarantee of reliable, expert support, they moved away from Oracle.

The Solution

Support Revolution helped them make excellent savings on its annual support bills, with the organisation also benefiting from vastly improved support services and the freedom to consider its long-term IT strategy

Following several technical meetings, they opted to engage Support Revolution and we were quickly able to help them negotiate its exit from Oracle Support. 

Having previously been an Oracle partner for more than 20 years, they felt that we were best placed to take on the organisation’s support needs. Our accumulated expertise and knowledge of Oracle’s products, including our ability to support Oracle Exadata, instilled confidence in our capabilities as an excellent alternative to vendor support. 

The tricky nature of Oracle’s support contracts had them concerned about some products being left on support if others were to be moved to third-party support. So, we worked closely with them to ensure a seamless transition from Oracle Support to us and, as part of the onboarding process, we were able to streamline the organisation’s Oracle licences. 

Most significantly, and at the core of their requirements, we were able to secure them substantial cost savings, without compromise on the quality of support provided. 

As a result of its reduced support bill and newfound freedom from Oracle, the organisation has regained control of its IT roadmap and is now primed to pursue its ambition of migrating to Cloud services to align with the changing requirements of its business model.

Savings to reinvest into the organisation

To counter the impacts of the global pandemic (a priority for the organisation), they began assessing their infrastructure to determine how to make significant cost savings quickly. Already considering making the move to Cloud services with an alternative vendor, they ended up transitioning to third- party support which has resulted in substantial savings on its annual support bill. These savings, instead of being absorbed by Oracle, can be reinvested back into the organisation to pursue emerging opportunities in the post-COVID world.

Big savings, better support services

They were growing increasingly frustrated with the poor service provided by Oracle which seemed at odds with the vendor’s costly support bills. Support Revolution’s excellent reputation, product knowledge, and tailored service all proved critical in their decision. Now, the organisation can be certain that all of its support needs will be met and resolved effectively and efficiently, and for a much more sustainable cost.

Taking back control

Finally free from Oracle’s automatically renewing contracts and pricey support bills, they have regained control of its IT roadmap. As we provide exceptional support solutions, their internal IT team have been freed up to pursue more important endeavours.

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