How This Middle Eastern Real Estate Organisation Avoided An Unwanted Move to the Cloud and Secured Better Support Services

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This organisation is one of Dubai’s largest property developers, and has been instrumental in shaping the urban real estate landscape. The organisation aims to unlock potential, maximise potential, and create lasting and recognisable value for both its investors and customers.

The Problem

Tired of overpaying for poor sup- port, and with increasing pressure from Oracle to migrate to the Cloud, this organisation wanted to move  away from the vendor

Like many other organisation’s, this organisation had lost trust in Oracle and was failing to see the value in the vendor’s support services. They found that the vendor would often leave support tickets and incidents unresolved, only offering solutions in the form of self-help guides and putting the responsibility onto the organisation’s internal teams to handle.

In addition, they felt increasingly pressured by Oracle to migrate to its Cloud offering, despite the organisation’s adamance to stick with its on-premise technologies. It had also been suggested by the vendor that an audit would be far less likely if they considered adopting Oracle’s Cloud and Fusion technologies. 

Faced with a potentially costly audit, mounting tension around a move to the Cloud, and poor support services, the organisation was keen to find the value in its support partner and sought to move away from the mega-vendor.

The Solution

Support Revolution helped them to recover the value in its systems and support services and alleviated all Cloud-related pressure

The organisation became aware of Support Revolution, and our third-party support services through a tendering process that took place over approximately 18 months. We worked with the organisation to help them understand third-party support, including the technical and service quality differences between Oracle and ourselves. 

The organisation wanted to find a support partner that could keep its systems secure and compliant, without the need to undertake regular and costly upgrades. The organisation was pleased to find an alternative to vendor support that worked to stringent SLAs, ensuring that all the organisation’s support tickets would be acknowledged and resolved in a timely manner. 

In addition, our proactive incident resolution process means that they will no longer find itself struggling with Oracle’s self-help guides and can, instead, depend upon our expert team to do the heavy lifting for critical fixes and patching. This, too, meant that the organisation could free up its internal IT teams to focus on, and prioritise, innovation and development projects, helping them to remain relevant and competitive. 

With decades of Oracle expertise and knowhow, we can support the complete range of Oracle products, even those no longer supported by the vendor itself. This has enabled them to remain with its current system for as long as this suits the organisation, eliminating the unnecessary pressure to move to the Cloud, undertake an upgrade, or suffer an Oracle audit. 

Now, with a more flexible and dedicated approach to support, they can focus on the future of its operations and its continued expansion, all while making significant savings on its support costs.

The Benefits

Savings to reinvest into the organisation

With Support Revolution, the organisation was able to reduce its annual Oracle support bill. This is because we don’t have an upgrade program or Cloud program, so we won’t hike up our support prices to fund these projects. In addition, the organisation made further savings by avoiding unnecessary technical migrations, upgrades, and the unplanned costs and complications that these changes may have thrown up. Having recovered a sizable amount of its IT budget, these savings can be reinvested to help them pursue key development initiatives.

Regained autonomy of IT roadmap

Opting to move to third-party support has enabled them to avoid Oracle’s Cloud agenda and an unwelcome audit. Instead, the organisation has been able to regain control of its systems and remain steadfast in its own IT roadmap, all while remaining fully supported, secure, and compliant.

A solid support partnership

We worked to improve their experience with support services and to meet its strategic goals. With Support Revolution, the organisation escaped from Oracle’s pressure to migrate to the Cloud, threats of an audit, frequent price rises, and poor-quality service. With our dedicated incident resolution process and hands-on approach, They can now focus its team on what’s important to the organisation, leaving the support of its systems to us. 

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