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How This Scottish Council Made Significant Savings On Its Oracle Systems, Without Compromising The Integrity of Its Public Services

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This organisation is one of 32 authority councils in Scotland. To support its population, the council is responsible for a myriad of services, from building standards, recycling, social care, and travel, through to health benefits, and council tax.

The Problem

They sought effective cost-saving initiatives and wanted to break away from the relentless Oracle upgrade cycle

Rooted in the public sector and working to tight budgetary requirements, the council needed to secure cost efficiencies and reduce unnecessary expenditure. Having carried out some research internally, they realised they were spending significant amounts on the support and maintenance for its Oracle products. 

The council was running Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3. However, Oracle had made the decision to forego the usual Extended Support period, which meant that they could have found itself downgraded to Sustaining Support much sooner than originally anticipated. So, unless it was willing to upgrade, they would have been left overpaying massively for the level of support it received.

The cost of upgrading, however, was out of the question (and the budget. So, they sought a cost-effective alternative to vendor support that would afford it the support and flexibility required, without compromising the integrity of its everyday services and processes.

The Solution

Support Revolution relieved them of the pressure to upgrade, while significantly reducing its annual support and maintenance costs

Support Revolution has decades of experience when it comes to Oracle, so we have the expertise and knowledge to support and maintain all Oracle products, including older and “legacy” systems. Our in-depth understanding of their system offered the reassurance it needed to move away from vendor support.

Although they engaged with us while still receiving Premier Support for EBS 12.1.3, it was aware of the looming deadline at the end of 2021. As we are able to support any Oracle product (old or new), the council was able to continue to use its current system which was still suitable for its needs and purposes. 

Having placed its Oracle products in the hands of Support Revolution, the council was able to disregard the support deadline and free itself from the unrelenting pressure of the Oracle upgrade cycle. This means they were able to avoid a costly and unnecessary upgrade, and can continue to use its current systems for as long as it’s deemed suitable.

Working closely with them, we have been able to improve the support services it receives and enable it to continue to seamlessly deliver its services to its various communities. Not only did they receive a much more reliable and hands-on approach to support, but it managed to procure considerable savings as a result of switching to Support Revolution. This meant that they could reinvest these savings into other areas that needed to be prioritised and developed.

Now, having regained control of its IT roadmap, they can continue to improve its offering and prioritise the best interests of the communities it serves.

The Benefits

Savings to reinvest into the organisation

As a local authority, the council works to a strict budget and is, therefore, constantly seeking cost-efficiencies. Opting to move to third-party support has enabled them to significantly reduce its annual support and maintenance bill. In addition, Support Revolution has helped them to avoid the unnecessary expense (often with additional, unexpected costs) of a forced Oracle upgrade. These savings are entirely theirs and can be reinvested with the view to improve other, more needing areas of its infrastructure, or to pursue the future advancement of existing systems.

Improved relationship with a customer-centric support partner

The council can take comfort in the knowledge that its Oracle products will be efficiently and effectively maintained by Support Revolution. Our unrivaled support services are underpinned by two SLAs, meaning the council knows when it can expect a response and a resolution from us. Incident resolution is at the core of our services, and we focus on delivering the right fixes in a timely manner, so they can focus on delivering seamless and crucial services to its communities.

Reclaimed autonomy of its IT roadmap

Support Revolution’s ability to maintain all versions of Oracle products means that they were able to avoid upgrading and could, instead, continue to enjoy its unproblematic and well-adjusted system. And, because we don’t have de-support dates, they could continue to enjoy their current system – without any pressure to upgrade – for as long as it’s needed. Now free from the Oracle upgrade cycle and having reclaimed control of its IT estate, the council can review its IT roadmap and determine the best course of action for future developments in line with its own objectives, timescales, and budget.

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