How This Global Tour Operator Reduced Its Support Costs and Improved Its Value for Money by Moving to Support Revolution

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This organisation is a tour operator that offers unique travel experiences adapted to each individual client.

The Problem

The organisation was receiving poor value for money from Oracle Support

The organisation was running Oracle Databases and Fusion Middleware. Its Oracle software was stable; they hadn’t needed to raise any support tickets in the last three years. 

However, the team were becoming increasingly frustrated by the fact that, despite their minimal need for support, Oracle were still charging them high fees. Oracle justified its prices by stating that the fees were being reinvested into innovations, but they were not seeing this in practice. 

In addition, other parts of the organisation were using SAP rather than existing Oracle software. They made plans to consolidate its Oracle and SAP products over the next few years to just SAP. Until then, however, they were paying for two different support contracts, while receiving very minimal service in return.

They were s receiving poor value for money and the situation would only get worse over time.

The Solution

We supported them and reinstated its current systems’ value for money

They investigated alternative support options and discovered our third-party Oracle Support. Its team realised they had a perfect-fit use case for switching to Support Revolution. 

Not only could we provide support for its Oracle systems, but we could also cut costs and reinstate its current systems’ value for money – freeing up budget for other more important projects. No longer would it be paying steep maintenance fees for support it rarely needed. 

Working closely with them, we transitioned the organisation to our support services and onto our systems. To ensure a seamless handover, we provided training for its team on our support processes. 

During the transition, we kept communication channels open, so the team knew which stage they were at and ensured that we moved at a pace which suited them. 

Once on-boarded, we activated our Trend Micro Deep Security solution for them. This meant that rather than applying Oracle’s quarterly patches, They received protection within hours using our Cloud-based security solution.

The Benefits

Huge savings on support fees

By switching to Support Revolution, the organisation has saved more than 50% on its support fees each year, and saved hundreds of thousands more by avoiding unnecessary technical upgrades and Oracle’s annual price rises.

Through making these savings on support costs, they have been able to reinvest its budget elsewhere in the organisation. It can focus on what’s important to its organisation, not Oracle’s, and it can leave the support of its systems and patching to us.

Improved support and responsiveness 

The organisation is paying less but getting more back. Even though it’s saving more than 50% on its support and maintenance bills, they now have access to our superior support – this features dedicated account managers and fastidious SLAs on response and resolution times.

A balanced return on investment (ROI)

A balanced return on investment (ROI) The organisation got exactly what it wanted. It’s no longer paying high fees for support it’s hardly using and it’s getting better support. 

Since joining Support Revolution, the organisation still isn’t expecting to raise many tickets with us as its systems are stable. 

But now it gets to keep its issue-free systems as they are, it’s paying a lower fee to reflect this, and it’s confident in our ability to provide support should the need arise. It’s achieved its goal of reinstating its current systems’ value for money.

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