How This Building Specialist Rebuilt Its ERP Strategy With the Savings It Made by Moving to Support Revolution

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This organisation produces modular building solutions, and is one of the UK’s leading providers. It works alongside large construction companies, involved in some of the UK’s most prestigious projects.

The Problem

The organisation was paying substantial support costs for stable products that it didn’t want to upgrade

The organisation was using a combination of Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Databases to form the backbone of its systems. Its business methods and collaboration with external companies require stable, functional, and process driven systems. This means that they didn’t need or want regular upgrades, nor the subsequent process changes and downtime. 

Because the organisation wasn’t interested in upgrades and planned to stick to its stable systems, it had very little need for support. This meant that they raised only a few tickets per year but was still paying substantial fees to Oracle for support it didn’t use. 

Finally, their long-term IT roadmap involved a huge modernisation project, where it would transition away from Oracle’s ERP software to a new manufacturing-specific provider but given the amount it was already spending on Oracle, the organisation was struggling to justify the cost of the migration. Getting its costs down was a crucial priority.

The Solution

Support Revolution took over their Oracle Support and helped it to reinvest in its modernisation

They first joined Support Revolution in 2013, with the aim to remain on its current product versions while simultaneously cutting its soaring Oracle support costs. 

Since then, we’ve been almost like an insurance policy for the organisation. They had systems that worked and it didn’t want to change. In the years the organisation has been with us, the organisation has successfully avoided at least two Oracle upgrades, two price jumps, and eight years of annual price rises. 

Avoiding these expenses and sticking to what it wanted has resulted in huge cost savings. 

Now, using the money saved with us, the organisation has been able to reinvest in its own future, not Oracle’s, and has put the savings towards its modernisation project of moving to a new, manufacturing-specific ERP provider. 

And we’re still continuing to support them. We provide any necessary support and maintenance during the transition period between Oracle and the new provider.

The Benefits

Huge savings over multiple years

The organisation has achieved an annual saving of 50% per year on its annual support and maintenance contract with Support Revolution. 

The organisation has also saved millions more by avoiding unnecessary technical upgrades and Oracle’s annual price rises. 

Not having to keep up with Oracle’s upgrade schedule also means that they can focus its team on what’s important to the organisation, leaving the support of its systems and patching to us.

Reclaimed control of its IT roadmap

During the organisation’s time with us, the organisation has successfully restructured its IT roadmap to suit its needs, not Oracle’s. Switching to Support Revolution has enabled it to maintain familiar, functioning systems for several years, past Oracle’s support cut-off date. In doing so, it has made the necessary savings for its own future development.

Legislative patches for out-of-support software

While the organisation was undergoing changes to its banking processes, we completed a project to patch its payroll systems, keeping them up to date and compliant. This project was a part of our main services, whereas Oracle does not provide legislative patches for unsupported software.

A more supportive solution

Unlike Oracle, we worked closely with them to help fulfill its organisation objectives with a service tailored to its needs. the organisation has only needed to raise one or two issues per month, which we have resolved within our fast, right-first-time SLAs. 

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