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How This UK Charity Saved on Its SAP Bills While Streamlining Its IT Systems

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This organisation is uniquely placed to improve the wellbeing of millions of people, boost biodiversity, enhance learning, and encourage prosperous local communities through accessible green and blue spaces.

The Problem

The organisation needed flexibility from SAP to facilitate its plan to streamline its IT systems and change ERP platform

The organisation is undergoing a largescale change and is currently in its second year of a transition plan to streamline the organisation’s IT systems.  As part of this transition, they will be decommissioning its SAP estate in pursuit of a move to Microsoft Dynamics and migrating its current ERP to the Cloud.

 Remaining with SAP, however, would not have afforded them the flexibility it required to push forward with its multi-year plan and adopt a Cloud-first strategy. They needed a support provider that it could organisation to assist with its transition, enabling them to move to a new SAAS platform at its own pace and all while reducing operating expenses.

The Solution

We are supporting them during its migration project, offering the flexibility it requires while lowering support costs

While researching third-party support options, the organisation became aware of Support Revolution and our services. We worked with them to help understand third-party support, including the technical and service quality differences between SAP and ourselves. 

The organisation was keen to find a support partner that could enable its transformation project to progress seamlessly, and liked the open and honest approach we have to third-party support. 

With Support Revolution, they could maintain its existing SAP estate (avoiding a forced migration to SAP S/4HANA) at a reduced price, while assessing its move to its chosen SAAS platform. 

Once they realised it would be able to review and decommission software flexibly and in its own time, the organisation felt confident in our capabilities to support its existing systems and future migration strategy over the coming years. 

In addition, the budget and resources the organisation has recovered as a result of engaging us as a third-party support provider can be reinvested and redeployed to help advance its transition and migration project.

The Benefits

Savings to reinvest into the organisation

Having saved at least 50% on its annual support bills for its SAP estate, they have recovered a sizable amount of its IT budget. These savings can be reinvested to help their major development projects gain momentum, as it looks to change its ERP platforms and futureproof its operations.

Regained control of its IT roadmap

Opting to move to third-party support has afforded them improved flexibility, allowing it to regain control and reroute its IT roadmap. Now, they can focus on streamlining its IT systems, decommissioning software, and comfortably moving to its favoured ERP platform at a pace that suits its operational needs.

A solid support partnership

The organisation has not had to compromise on the quality of the support it receives. Our dedicated incident resolution process (which is underpinned by two SLAs; one for response times and the other for resolution times) ensures that all support tickets are handled efficiently and effectively. This frees up internal resources meaning it can focus on key projects and objectives.

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