How This Communications Organisation Saved Money and Kept Its ERP Systems Modern and up to Date by Moving to Support Revolution

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This organisation works with communications and services, providing residents and businesses with Internet and telephone services. The organisation aims to bring the benefits of full fibre broadband to homes and businesses across the UK.

The Problem

They wanted more autonomy over its ERP estate and wanted to cut costs by downsizing, but vendors were making things difficult

The organisation was running SAP Applications and Oracle Databases. The organisation was looking to enact some cost-cutting exercises within the IT department without damaging its future development. 

They decided to downsize its existing ERP estate to reduce its costs, with plans to then upgrade its systems at a later date. 

However, negotiations with the vendors were proving to be unsuccessful, because – as always – the vendors wouldn’t allow them to scale down its estate, even for licences of the applications it wasn’t using. The organisation was paying support on products that it didn’t want or need. 

In the meantime, they needed a plan which allowed it to reduce what it already had while keeping its systems functioning and able to undergo upgrades in the future.

The Solution

We moved them to Support Revolution and gave it back control over its ERP estate

They discovered our third-party support offering through our email newsletter campaign. The organisation realised how Support Revolution could help its current situation. 

Not only could we provide support for its systems without having to upgrade, but we could also reduce costs and reinstate its existing systems’ value for money. 

Working closely with their IT team, we transitioned them to our support services and onto our systems. We took a very collaborative approach; we provided as much guidance and advice as we could, offering more assistance than their previous vendors. 

They still want to upgrade in future, so we downloaded future versions of its existing software which its team could implement when they were ready. 

Our third-party support still enabled them to make an upgrade, just at its own pace.

The Benefits

Huge savings made easily

The organisation has achieved an annual saving of 50% per year on its support and maintenance contract with Support Revolution. 

Through making these savings, the organisation has been able to reinvest its budget elsewhere in the organisation. It can focus on what’s essential to its organisation, leaving the support of its systems and patching to us.

Reclaimed control of its IT roadmap

The organisation still has plans to upgrade its software in the future; with Support Revolution, it adheres to its own roadmap and schedule. It can choose to upgrade at any time or when it has made the necessary savings. The organisation is the one in control, not its vendors.

Superior support services

The organisation now has access to superior support through dedicated account managers and SLAs, which is something it didn’t get with Oracle and SAP. We’ve also provided them with consultancy as part of our managed services. The company has used our expertise to better understand its estate, in terms of what it has and what it might need.

A more flexible solution 

With Support Revolution, the organisation has achieved precisely what it wanted. Now it can downsize its estate more effectively. This means more flexibility in line with organisation requirements, and it’s now paying a fairer price for what it needs, rather than Oracle and SAP’s expensive rates for software that it wasn’t using.

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