How This UK Council Cut Costs and Stayed Supported While Migrating to a New System With Support Revolution

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This council is responsible for managing and providing the necessary services and utilities for the local populace, including council tax, waste management, public relations and many more.

The Problem

The council no longer wanted to invest in its Oracle systems

A systems integrator for the public sector, was managing the council. 

The organisation was working on a project with the council to migrate to the Agresso SaaS offering, which would replace its ageing Oracle software. 

The council was running older versions of the Oracle Application and Databases, which were soon to be moved onto Oracle’s Sustaining level of support. If they wanted to access Oracle’s Premier Support during the transition to Agresso, it would need to go through the costly, time-consuming process of an upgrade. This would have been a complete waste of resources, as its IT strategy was to move to a SaaS solution. 

They needed to find a way to keep the council supported and compliant while it moved to the new system, and – in addition to this service – they wanted its chosen solution to reduce the councils support bills.

The Solution

Support Revolution was able to provide the support they wanted, and cut its costs while doing it

The systems integrator recognised that our third-party support could fit its particular needs perfectly. We could provide the software support for them while lowering its support costs at the same time. 

We managed all of its support issues and supplied patches wherever necessary, with no need to upgrade its software. Rather than having to waste time and money on a process it didn’t need, with our support in place they could focus entirely on the new SaaS solution. 

In addition, as part of our standard service, we reduced its support bill by 50%, helping unlock significant savings. 

The systems integrator was so impressed with how we helped the council, it soon moved its Oracle Support to our third-party support service too!

The Benefits

Providing support where the vendor doesn’t

Their version of E-Business Suite, 11.5.10, dropped off Oracle’s Extended Support close to the time the systems integrator wanted to make the transition. 

Even though Oracle was due to leave the product on the lowest support level, we were able to offer them a premier support solution, ensuring it received all the assistance and maintenance it needed. This also meant it managed to escape paying an extra 10% on its Oracle support bill for Extended Support.

In-year savings for long-term gains

Since switching to Support Revolution, the council has saved roughly £250k on its support and maintenance bills. These fantastic savings have been reinvested into the council and the improvement of its services.

A trusted, longstanding partnership 

The council was able to benefit from our 20+ years of experience in the industry as an Oracle partner. We didn’t just provide its support; we assisted it with the move onto the new system, using our consultancy services.

Reclaimed control of its IT roadmap

During their time with us, the council and the systems integrator have successfully rerouted their IT roadmaps to suit their needs, not Oracle’s. Switching to Support Revolution successfully removed the pressure of Oracle’s support end dates.

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