How This UK Council Cut Its Oracle Costs and Escaped Its Restrictive Contract by Moving to Support Revolution

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This council has been the local authority, responsible for the borough’s citizens, services, and utilities.

The Problem

The council was trapped in a contract cycle where it couldn’t afford to leave or stay with Oracle

The council needed to reduce its expenses where possible, but as an integral organisation in the public sector, it needed to reduce costs without affecting its services. They realised that it could make significant savings by finding a way to reduce its Oracle bills, as Oracle imposes 4% support price increases year on year. 

The council realised, however, that Oracle wasn’t going to make lowering its current bill a possible option, and therefore decided to change ERP providers, migrating from Oracle to Agresso. 

But its immediate problem remained the same; they needed to save money to afford the transition away from Oracle. Given that it still had to pay Oracle’s support fees and was facing the added cost of changing providers, they couldn’t justify the expense of leaving Oracle. 

The council was caught in an Oracle contract lock-in.

The Solution

We moved them to Support Revolution and took responsibility for its Oracle Support, unlocking the crucial funds it needed to transition to a new ERP provider

The council was a longstanding customer of ours, having used our services when we were offering Oracle and SAP consultancy services previously. 

We initially provided second-line support for the council, supplying managed services for its Oracle estate. 

When they knew it wanted to migrate away from Oracle, it didn’t have to look far to find a trusted support provider that it could use for the transition. 

We already managed its second-line support, so during its transition process, we took over the third-line support for its Oracle Applications and Databases. 

Switching to our third-party support meant that we could massively reduce the council’s previous Oracle support costs, and we could enable them to invest its savings back into the process of switching ERP providers.

The Benefits

Millions in savings on support and hosting fees 

The council has achieved an annual saving of 50% per year on its support and maintenance fees with Support Revolution. 

The organisation has already reinvested these incredible savings into its future development, rather than needlessly going to Oracle (and receiving very little in return).

Reclaimed control of its IT roadmap

By switching over to us, the council has successfully reclaimed control of its IT roadmap from Oracle. Switching to Support Revolution has helped it to progress towards an entirely new provider, more appropriate for the organisation.

A stable partnership

They decided to work with us not only because we could reduce its Oracle costs, but also because of its experiences with us as a managed service customer. 

This experience was vital in its decision-making, as the council knew we were a trusted support provider with 20+ years’ experience, able to provide a solid partnership.

Improved vendor-customer relationship

As soon as the council moved its third-line support over to us, it was immediately free from Oracle’s restrictive contract and its frequent price rises and it was able to focus on its future. 

We have helped them achieve an end-goal that it wouldn’t have otherwise been able to reach if it had chosen to stay with Oracle.

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