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How This UK Council Cut Its Support Costs and Avoided Unnecessary Upgrades With Support Revolution

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This council provided the upper tier of local government, with responsibilities including schools, social care for the elderly & vulnerable, road maintenance, libraries and trading standards.

The Problem

The council needed to lower the cost of ownership on its ERP estate and wasn’t getting help from its vendors

As part of its business objectives, they needed to implement cost-cutting initiatives on its technology and operating expenses. 

In addition, typically for a government organisation within the public sector, the council was expected to lower its costs wherever possible but without compromising the stability and quality of its services. 

They didn’t want to upgrade their Oracle systems because it had no need for the newest releases and saw no value in them. So, as part of its cost-cutting initiatives, they could immediately remove the need to upgrade from its roadmap, eliminating the cost and time involved to do so.

But even though the organisation had no plans to upgrade and had avoided a potential future expense, it still needed to actively lower its costs in order to achieve its long-term goals. Given that Oracle and SAP do not lower their prices – rather, they increase them annually – the council couldn’t expect its vendor to help it achieve its goal.

The Solution

The council moved the Oracle portion of its estate to Support Revolution, freeing up crucial budget

They decided that they would move the Oracle-based elements of its estate, particularly its Oracle Databases, to our support services. 

By moving to Support Revolution and lowering its Oracle costs by half, the council was able to unlock the crucial budget that it needed. 

With Support Revolution, the state and stability of the their software wasn’t affected either. 

We maintained its existing systems which meant that it could continue using familiar systems to provide its usual level of service, just with a much lower cost of ownership.

The Benefits

In-year savings for long-term gains

Since switching to Support Revolution, we have reduced their previous support costs by 50%. The fantastic savings it has made have been reinvested into the council and the improvement of its services, which benefited the organisation itself and the local populace.

Freedom from Oracle’s tactics

The council didn’t want to upgrade its Oracle software, but that wouldn’t have necessarily stopped Oracle from trying to move it towards a purchase. With Support Revolution, they are under no pressure to upgrade whatsoever, it has escaped Oracle’s upgrade cycle, and we will support them for as long as it needs. 

Plus, they have saved future budget by escaping Oracle’s annual price rises. The council can focus its time and funds towards what’s important to its organisation, while leaving the support of its systems and patching to us.

An ongoing collaborative partnership

The council has left Oracle and switched to us – a support provider that will work with its teams, and that cares about organisations being able to achieve their business objectives. We’ve worked closely with them to provide the support it needs, while significantly lowering support costs; precisely the outcome it was after.

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