How This UK Council Avoided an Unnecessary Upgrade and Achieved Its Goals With Support Revolution

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The Problem

The council wanted to change its ERP system, without having to upgrade it in the meantime

This particular council was running an Oracle-based estate to manage its public services, and as part of its objectives, it needed to implement cost-saving strategies. To that end, the council was working with management consultants, and considering the possibility of sharing systems with other councils. It could lower costs by moving to a smaller platform like Agresso.

Meanwhile, its version of Oracle E-Business Suite was due to move into Oracle Sustaining Support. If it wished to continue using that same product version, it would see a substantial increase to its support costs and be moved to Oracle’s lowest level of support. 

They decided on transitioning over to Agresso, but to keep its Oracle E-Business Suite fully supported during this process, it would need to upgrade its software to access Oracle’s Premier Support. Given that it would be moving to a new provider, an upgrade would involve unnecessary costs and efforts.

The Solution

Support Revolution’s support removed the need to upgrade ahead of its transition to a new system

The council was familiar with Support Revolution as a local support partner with a proven track record of providing third-party support to councils across the UK. they acknowledged us as a dependable support partner and switched over to us. 

As part of our onboarding process, we worked closely with them to ensure a smooth and seamless transition from Oracle Support to us. We were able to provide the necessary support for its Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10, even when Oracle had moved this version to limited support. 

Using our third-party support meant that they didn’t need to upgrade for the maintenance it required. With us taking care of any issues, it could focus more on transitioning over to Agresso. 

It could be assured in the knowledge that it was achieving its long-term goals of reducing costs, both by changing its ERP systems, and by using our third-party support to cut its previous support costs by 50%.

The Benefits

Helping organisations achieve their goals

Support Revolution successfully enabled them to reach its goal of cutting outgoing costs, and without compromising its expected level of support. 

With us, they received SLAs on both issue response and resolution times – plus our dedicated account managers and consultancy services – all while lowering its support fees. 

Essentially, the council has received something better for less.

Freedom from forced upgrades

They saved more than 50% on its previous support costs. That’s on top of the amount it saved by avoiding an unnecessary technical upgrade, plus the potential costs in damages that an upgrade might have created. 

Now free from Oracle, the council can focus its team on what’s important to its organisation, leaving the support of its systems and providing patches to us.

A value-adding service

Third-party support is only one element of what we can offer organisations. Support Revolution has also provided them with consultancy services, assisting it in optimising its systems. 

We have also provided them with strategic advice on how to move to AWS should it choose to migrate to the Cloud in the future.

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