How This UK Council Avoided Upgrading and Cut Costs With Support Revolution

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This council has since provided a wide variety of public services for its citizens, as well as overseeing utilities, environmental issues, procurement, and much more.

The Problem

The council was facing an end-of-support deadline, unwanted upgrades, and strict budget planning

In order to maintain its vast landscape of services and procedures, the organisation is running a large Oracle-based estate with Oracle’s E-Business Suite on Oracle Databases. They had an objective to make savings wherever it could across its existing Oracle estate, and to run it as efficiently as possible.

 However, while they had to find a way to lower its costs, it couldn’t compromise on its Oracle Support in order to do so. They needed to find a way of saving budget without causing a drop in the service upon which the community relied. 

The organisation was running version 12.1.3 of Oracle E-Business Suite, which was due to fall out of Oracle’s Premier Support. To stay supported, they would need to upgrade or move to Oracle Fusion, either on its own, or as part of a shared service.

The Solution

Our third-party support enabled them to achieve its goals, cutting its costs and removing the need to upgrade

The organisation was a longstanding customer; we originally provided upgrades and second-line support, supplying managed services for its Oracle estate. 

Following a conference, they became aware of our growth into third-party support. We could replace its vendor-provided support and maintenance for a greatly reduced price. 

Their team already knew that we used to be an Oracle partner with 20+ years’ experience in the support industry. They recognised us as a trusted strategic partner who could provide the third-party support services they needed. 

In the late 2010’s, they began their contract with Support Revolution, and transferred the responsibility of supporting its Oracle estate over to us. We maintained its existing systems which meant that they didn’t need to upgrade or switch to Oracle Fusion and kept its familiar setup.

The Benefits

Huge savings on support fees

With Support Revolution, they managed to save nearly £200k in a three-year period compared to its previous vendor support bill. 

This isn’t just an advantage for them; these savings can help better serve its employees and benefit them, too.

A value-adding service

Joining Support Revolution isn’t the end of their Oracle estate roadmap; it’s just the start. We’re helping to maintain its existing system and at a lower price than Oracle, effectively improving its estate’s value for money.

Helping organisation’s achieve their objectives

Unlike the mega-vendors, Support Revolution cares about its customers meeting their short and long-term goals. We appreciated that they needed to lower its support costs, but without facing a drop in its level of service. 

We were able to provide precisely what it needed: an Oracle estate run efficiently for a greatly reduced price.

Reclaimed control of the IT roadmap

By using our services, they successfully avoided an upgrade or a move to Oracle Fusion. The organisation now has much more flexibility and control over its IT roadmap. 

Support Revolution is now helping to maintain familiar functioning systems for as long as it’s needed, even past Oracle’s Premier Support cut-off date.

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