How This UK Council Escaped Oracle’s Market Driven Support and Improved Their Support Service

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The Problem

The council were running Oracle 12.1.3 for their Finance, Payroll, and HR, alongside Oracle Database 19c

They had been using Oracle Market Driven Support (MDS) for the last 2 years to keep their system in some form of support to delay the need to upgrade at great cost. 

They had already moved the rest of their Oracle estate to the shared service SAP systems, but Finance, Payroll, and HR still remained on Oracle. 

They did not want to upgrade of pay Oracle more money for MDS so considered alternative options including other third-party support providers.

The council did not want to upgrade or keep paying for MDS; this was a costly option to keep their older systems supported. 

As these systems were critical to paying staff, they decided on Support Revolution’s support service to help them transition out of the difficult Oracle upgrade cycle they were in. 

The Solution

As Support Revolution had over two decades of experience providing Oracle support, deciding to partner with them was a no-brainer

Having a UK-based payroll support team onsite was also a big positive, as they were given direct points of contact to help them no matter the query.

 Support Revolution’s support services meant that they could make considerable savings over the next 2 years and would also give them time to look at the future of their HR and Payroll systems

As a public organisation, the council contracted Support Revolution under then G-Cloud-12.

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