How This UK Council Cut Support Costs and Improved Its Oracle Estate’s Value for Money With Support Revolution

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This council is a unitary authority responsible for the administration of all areas of local government within its area. It provides all major services such as education, leisure, housing, social services, planning and highways.

The Problem

The council’s requirements exceeded Oracle’s level of service and it needed a more supportive partner

The council was using an Oracle-based estate, running Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Databases to provide its services for the local populace.

Unfortunately for them, its Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.3 had become unsuitable for the organisation’s needs; Oracle didn’t match its levels of expectation and requirement. 

It still wanted to continue using its existing platform, but an additional problem for the council was Oracle’s business practices. Oracle’s first response to software being unsuitable is either upgrading it or purchasing new software.

Even though R12.1.3 was no longer suitable, they couldn’t justify the cost, effort and disruption necessary to upgrade it.

The Solution

We developed a collaborative support partnership with them to provide the service it wanted

They chose Support Revolution because we could reduce its support and maintenance fees by 50%, and because we could offer the service it required.

Unlike Oracle, we could provide comprehensive support for its estate, and we could support any and all customisations that it had in place. 

Oracle, on the other hand, tends to release support updates that can destabilise customisations and/or require the customisations to be removed and then reinstated once the update is finished. 

This would seriously affect the everyday business processes of the council.

With our support however, they could maintain its software and systems in their existing state with the value-adding service of our experience in consultancy. 

We worked alongside its team to improve the system’s support, and we massively reduced the software’s cost of ownership too.

The Benefits

An improved vendor partnership

The council wanted a support provider that would work with them, rather than working for itself. We care about organisations being able to achieve its business objectives. We worked closely with the council to provide the support it needed and improve the functionality of its systems.

Savings to reinvest into the organisation 

Since joining us, we have saved them 50% across a three-year period, compared to its previous vendor support bill. These incredible savings have been reinvested back into the organisation, its future development, and its services for the local populace.

Freedom from forced upgrades and price rises

The council didn’t want to upgrade its Oracle software. With Support Revolution, it’s under no pressure whatsoever. Being on our third-party support means not having to keep up with Oracle’s upgrade schedule. The council has also saved future budget by avoiding Oracle’s annual price rises.

Comprehensive support

By switching to Support Revolution, they gained access to our 24/7 services, with dedicated account managers and a support team. It knows when to expect responses and resolutions thanks to our fastidious SLAs and it can rely on our transparent, on-demand reporting tools. 

The council will take advantage of our improved security with a Cloud-based Trend Micro solution that enables fast patching and security updates of its Oracle estate.

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