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How This Council Ignored SAP's Deadline and Saved Over 90% on ERP Bills With Support Revolution

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The organisation is one of 32 London borough councils.

The Problem

The council’s SAP systems were about to become unsupported, with a choice between an upgrade or switching to a new ERP platform

The council uses a lot of SAP products and it was facing a problem: versions of its products were due to become unsupported, and SAP was actively pushing them to upgrade its systems. The upgrade would be expensive, and a potential risk to its functionality and customisations. 

On top of this, they had also engaged an external company to provide hosting for its SAP systems, second-line SAP Basis Support, and upgrades as and when SAP released them. 

However, SAP wasn’t releasing any new upgrades for its existing products (given its focus on S/4HANA), meaning that the council was paying both SAP and the external organisation for a service it wasn’t able to fully utilise. 

It was also aware that it was paying additional fees for its second and third-line support, as well as its Cloud hosting, and the support it did receive was far too slow for the organisation’s requirements and expectations.

The Solution

We move them from SAP to our third-line support services, then we transition it onto AWS Cloud hosting and our managed services

First, they transitioned from SAP Support to our support services, instantly saving 50% on its annual support costs, and allowing it to stay supported on the “legacy” software that SAP wanted the council to upgrade.

During this transition, we provided them with its own account manager who supported it throughout. 

As part of this process, we resolved all of its open SAP incidents, some having been open for months or marked as “only possible with an upgrade.” The council was surprised by just how simple we made its transition. 

Next, we moved its systems from its current third-party provider onto our AWS Cloud, ensuring no drop in service levels but saving the council more than 90% on its hosting fees. 

Finally, we took over from its external company for its SAP Basis Support (managed services), which means we now provide the council’s second and third-line support.

The Benefits

More than 90% savings

They immediately saw a saving of 50% on its annual support and maintenance contract with Support Revolution when we took over from SAP for third-line support. 

When it moved hosting and second-line support too, that saving increased to more than 90%. These impressive savings have already been reinvested in the organisation.

Freedom from forced upgrades

Like many of SAP’s customers, the council was looking at an upgrade that didn’t suit its needs, but by moving to Support Revolution, it was able to keep its older versions and the customisations it had built up over the past 18 years of using SAP. 

Plus, where SAP had previously written issues off as “impossible without an upgrade,” our support solved all issues in a matter of days. Our teams continue to work seamlessly with their IT specialists to provide fixes, the instructions for those fixes, plus any additional troubleshooting that is required.

Room to keep developing its systems  

They may have effectively paused its SAP upgrade cycle, but that doesn’t mean it has frozen its systems completely. 

Working with Support Revolution, they can continue to develop and customise its systems as it wants to – connecting new platforms, changing its licensing, and even moving parts of its systems to the Cloud with AWS. Support Revolution not only supports these changes, but actively advises on and implements them.

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