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How One Data Service Provider Streamlined Its Oracle Estate and Support Bills With Support Revolution

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Data Service

This organisation provides data services to Great Britain’s gas market and is integral to ensuring its gas market runs efficiently and reliably.

The Problem

An Oracle audit forced the organisation to buy additional licences which prompted the organisation to review its future support agreements

After an Oracle audit in 2016 forced it to increase the number of licences it held, it realised that it was running excess shelfware and overpaying for support.

This came at a time when it was restructuring and rightsizing its internal systems, so it was very aware of cost efficiencies and the potential budget-sinks (like shelfware) that often come with Oracle software.

After working with Gartner to review its options, the organisation became aware of third-party support but had concerns over the practicalities of replacing Oracle in the support process, and how vendor-level support would work with its first and second-line support partner.

Not only that but given its position in the UK utilities sector, it had to ensure that the solution was robust and able to provide a consistent and high-quality service. 

The Solution

We provided the organisation with a tailored solution that saved the organisation money, streamlined  its estate, and fit with its existing support partners

After reviewing its options with Gartner, it spent six months in the tender process investigating its options to ensure that the chosen solution would fit its needs perfectly. 

Our team worked to match our support and consultancy services to what the organisation needed, particularly matching our processes to its support partner.

This organisation chose to work with Support Revolution not only because our services matched its requirements, but because of our long history of working with trusted organisations within a similar sector, which gave it the confidence to trust us with its critical systems.

Once chosen, we reviewed the estate to identify any shelf-ware or excess licensing that had accumulated over time and removed them. We then worked with the support partner to transition the customer from Oracle, taking on all open tickets and resolving them as part of the migration. 

The Benefits

Cost savings on support and licensing

The customer not only saved more than 50% on its basic Oracle Support bills, but it also saved on the excess licences and shelf-ware that we identified as part of its migration from Oracle.

Seamless integration with support partners

We work with support partners regularly to provide our services.

As a third-line support partner, we work seamlessly with both in-house teams and first/second-line support partners to ensure our customers get an efficient service.

This customer recognised our existing relationship with their second-line partner and knew that it would not see any gaps in its support service from switching to us from Oracle.

Customer long-term strategy is enabled

Its Oracle Databases are supporting SAP Applications, which it’s in the process of moving to SAP S4/HANA. 

Third-party support has enabled the organisation to save money and reinvest in these initiatives, not hinder them, as Oracle and SAP would like you to believe. 

An improved partnership

In addition to this, our 20+ years of experience in the industry as an Oracle and SAP partner means that we’ve been able to provide advice on this transition and help the customer explore all of its options.

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