How This Electronic Manufacturer Improved Their Oracle Support Service While Reducing Their Support Costs by 50%

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This organisation is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer and professional technology products in Europe.

The Problem

The organisation were looking to make savings on their Oracle support with a long-term strategy to reduce their reliance on Oracle software

The Europe-wide technology organisation were running Oracle Databases 11g and 19c and having to keep both supported at considerable cost.

Having to keep all their applications upgraded to remain supported was coming at considerable cost; they’d found themselves stuck in the upgrade cycle. 

Furthermore, they were paying for support for legacy database versions that were no longer receiving any additional upgrades or enhancements, despite the cost of support on these databases increasing year-on-year.

The Solution

Their Oracle support contract was up for renewal imminently

Within weeks of contacting Support Revolution, the contract was signed and their Oracle Databases had been migrated over to third-party support.

Support Resolution’s quick root to contract, and flexibility meant this process was quick and efficient and met within the short timeframe.

They were also given dedicated points of contact for the various teams to deal with queries directly without having to go through multiple levels of correspondence to obtain answers.

Upon completing the transition, they were then given a dedicated Account Manager to oversee their support as a customer.

Alongside this, they have saved at least 50% on their Oracle support by moving to third-party support with Support Revolution which they’re now able to reinvest back into other projects or existing estates.

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