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How a Gas Organisation Cut Its Oracle Support Bill While Guaranteeing a Resolution to Any Tickets They Raise

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This organisation is a British regional gas distributor that owns, operates, and maintains a natural gas distribution network in the United Kingdom, transporting gas to millions of homes and businesses nationwide.

The Problem

The organisation had several databases in AWS that were no longer critical and did not require constant support from Oracle

This meant that they would have to pay a considerable amount to Oracle to keep these systems supported that were less integral to the organisation’s wider IT ecosystem. 

As a result, they saw a significantly reduced ROI from continued support from the vendor on these older systems as the vendor would not reduce its price for support on systems that were of a lower priority.

The Solution

This made them a perfect customer for independent third-party support from Support Revolution.

By using these leftover databases as a proof of concept and moving its support to Support Revolution, the distributor was able to test the waters before moving its whole SAP estate to third-party support ahead of the next SAP renewal; this being the ultimate goal. 

They had already seen the benefits of third-party support after Support Revolution had provided support and maintenance to another organisation. After four successful years, they wanted to capitalise from these benefits also.

The Benefits

They now not only cut their support bill by 50%, they also receive guaranteed resolutions to incidents raised.

They also have a dedicated Account Manager to contact at any time should they need any additional services such as system enhancements, Health Checks (to see how its system could be improved), or Security Managed Services.

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