How This UK Governmental Body Saved Millions of Pounds by Switching From Oracle Support to Support Revolution

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This organisation has been at the forefront of keeping citizens safe, playing a fundamental role in security and economic prosperity.

The Problem

They needed to find a cost saving alternative to deliver better value for public money

With a large proportion of its Oracle estate classed as “legacy” by Oracle, and a very public, expensive Oracle Cloud project under way, the organisation was looking for ways to reduce OpEx on current Oracle software, while ensuring the very highest level of support from a respected and trusted partner. 

They needed to ensure business continuity for the transitioning units, while enabling the wider team  to continue the good work they were doing with Oracle in other areas. 

The organisation was not receiving the support that it was paying for as it had products out of support with Oracle and was subject to  painful annual price rises imposed on the organisation.

The Solution

We helped them achieve massive  cost savings, with a support service that is second to none

Support Revolution provides this organisation with third-party support for its Oracle Database, Middleware and E-Business Suite products. Support Revolution’s team first started working with them to define a roadmap to move to third-party support from December 2018. This involved identifying the units that would benefit from this service as well as identifying the huge cost savings. 

We also ensured that its Oracle relationship was maintained; They still required certain services related to its Oracle roadmap to be supported by Oracle. This was beneficial to them as it could use Support Revolution to support and maintain key systems that were not yet planned for the move to Cloud, while still maintaining other systems with Oracle that required regular upgrades or were part of its SaaS relationship.

Once the roadmap had been agreed, Support Revolution transitioned their units over in multiple phases. We are now supporting 15 units out of a total of 25, with the remainder under review due to the success of the initial phase. This level of trust is key to our successful support partner relationship, and the reason the company views our support as an asset.

Simply put, we immediately reduced its annual support bill by millions of pounds and have formed a key partnership with them. We provide the organisation with support 24 hours a day, seven days a week on systems critical to the UK’s security and economy. 

The organisation had recognised our 22+ years of experience in the industry as an Oracle Gold Partner and Europe’s leading third-party support provider. This unparalleled depth and breadth of credentials, knowledge, and experience made Support Revolution the standout choice. 

The organisation was so impressed with the quality of our support following the initial onboarding that five months later, the organisation nearly tripled the number of its units supported by Support Revolution.

The Benefits

An improved cost of ownership

They had invested heavily in its systems, and it was therefore imperative that the organisation sweat its existing assets and maintained its value. Since switching to Support Revolution, the organisation has saved millions on its support costs and greatly improved its system’s value. 

A revolutionary support relationship

The organisation has systems that are critical to the security, economy, and continuity of key functions in the UK. Downtime of these systems could present serious issues. The organisation valued our expertise and guaranteed response and resolution SLAs; we ensured those systems remained operational. Working with Support Revolution in partnership provides a proactive (not a reactive support offering.

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