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How This UK Governmental Body Stayed Supported During a Cloud Migration

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This organisation’s main objective is to bring together Britain’s international efforts and demonstrate the UK as a force for good in the world.

The Problem

They faced an unnecessary upgrade just to retain the ability to pay its staff

The organisation was facing a looming deadline. It’s version of Oracle E-Business Suite, R12.1.3, had an imminent support deadline. After that date, the product version would be moved to a lower tier of Oracle Support.  It would therefore not be entitled to the benefits of the vendor’s top-level service, which included security patching, incident resolution and, crucial to them, legislative updates. 

The organisation was already undergoing a software migration, moving to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP. A Cloud migration is an involved process at the best of times, requiring time and dedication, and they identified that the process was unlikely to finish before the R12.1.3 support deadline. 

Therefore, the organisation was at risk of its Oracle E-Business Suite being unsupported in the time between the 12.1.3 deadline, and whenever the Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP migration was completed. they could not risk falling out of support, and still needed access to current payroll patching. If they didn’t keep its payroll software up to date, the organisation would be unable to pay its staff. 

Further adding to the problem, the organisation was on the road to new software. It could not justify the hassle of upgrading its Oracle E-Business Suite, only to then move to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP. It seemed unlikely that the upgrade would be completed before the support deadline either. 

The organisation would be paying for the upgrade just to get support, and lose the value of that upgrade once the project was complete. But even when they needed to pay its staff and couldn’t finish the Cloud project in time, an upgrade seemed to be the only option.

The Solution

We supported them so it could focus on its Cloud strategy

They chose Support Revolution due to our credentials and extensive track record of working with UK public organisations. We also have a track record of helping government bodies trying to work with difficult vendors, while also completing transitions. 

Once moved to our support service, we immediately moved their Oracle Database and E-Business Suite into our support, avoiding the vendor’s end-of-support deadline. 

Our ability to support older, “legacy” products means that we extend the lifespan of an organisation’s software indefinitely. So, once they had our support in place, it was of no consequence whether its move to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP needed another six months or six years. In the meantime, they can continue to use the current, familiar versions of its software, and we have removed the worry of going unsupported and not being able to pay staff.

The Benefits

Stayed supported with no upgrade necessary

Oracle’s opinion in this scenario, that ‘an upgrade solves everything,’ is an outdated mantra. Even if they had upgraded to retain Oracle’s top-level support, there will undoubtedly be another upgrade needed, further on down the line. Our support is a means of organisation’s maintaining support and keeping systems compliant and secure, without having to undergo any upgrades at all. Organisation’s can save budget with us by reducing support fees and avoiding upgrades.

Remove the stresses of support deadlines    

One of their key concerns was keeping its payroll software up to date, and therefore being able to pay its staff. Not only could we provide necessary updates, we could create bespoke patches (unlike Oracle. Our tailormade patching process is simpler, reduces testing time, and doesn’t risk destabilising any customisations.

Helping organisation’s achieve their goals 

We pride ourselves on acting as a collaborative support partner, rather than just a provider. As with the organisation, we help organisation’s realise their short and long-term goals. We do this by cutting costs, maintaining existing systems, and generally providing an excellent support service, while the organisation focuses on other priorities, with the added bonus of the savings made with us.

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